2013 5.0 Mustang vs Pontiac G8 w/ burnouts

Both cars full bolt on's, both auto, Mustang on stock tires 20 psi, G8 on drag radials. G8 had 1/2 a car head start. 5.0 wins by 3 cars Good Race.

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2009 pontiac g8 gt vs 2012 mustang gt 5.0

Pontiac G8 GT vs Mustang GT vs 5.0 Mustang

Worlds Fastest Pontiac G8 Twin Turbo by House of Boost
Worlds Fastest Pontiac G8 GT: Only mods to the car, House of Boost Twin turbo kit using Aerocharger turbos, Magnaflow Catback, CCW DragPack No other mods to the car, no cam, no stall, no weight reduction. Wicked fast spool time thanks to the Aerochargers VAIN technology. Not to mention the fact that they are self contained! For more info go to: www.houseofBoost.com For more info on the turbos go to: www.aerocharger.com

WannaGoFast Event - G8 GT vs G8 GXP (In Car Camera)
G8 GT and the GXP very close in horse power and cam size. 1/2 mile airstrip race both cars mis-shifted and spun but was a close race. GXP was 131.78mph GT was 130.72mph