2013 5.0 Mustang vs Pontiac G8 w/ burnouts

Both cars full bolt on's, both auto, Mustang on stock tires 20 psi, G8 on drag radials. G8 had 1/2 a car head start. 5.0 wins by 3 cars Good Race.

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g8 vs gt
bolt on cam G8 sedan vs Mustang 5.0 with a couple boltons and a tune.

2013 5.0 Mustang vs 2004 Terminator Cobra
Two short runs. Cobra bogged second race. Cobra- Pulley, Exhaust, intake, throttle body, tune, NT05R's. 5.0-Intake, headers, off-road X pipe, Mickey T. Drag Radials, Boss intake manifold, tune

2013 5.0 Mustang vs 2012 Nissan Altima 2.5
Just for fun. The Altima had 2 cars and the go. Mustang is bone stock.

Surprisingly fast(slow) Buick Oldsmobile 0-60
My little cousin wanted to show off his Lambuickghini. 0-60 in a lot of seconds lol