Talon some body work finished

painted the door handles, spoiler, a few chipped spots and a little more W/a rattle can for now until i can get a real paint job, and replaced the tail light

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1983 Datsun 280ZX 2+2
My 1983 280ZX 2+2. Pretty much stock. Mods include: Custom cold air intake, test pipe, cherry bomb muffler, removal of most of the emissions equipment, and a rattle can paint job.

Ninja 250 Video Blog - Painting (Race Stripes Complete) Part 1
This is the first stage of paint on my 2004 ninja 250. It had some slight body damage, so I repaired it, and then decided that since I already had the sander out and a fairing off, I would go ahead and take the rest of the fairings off, sand them all down, and create a 1 of a kind ninja. Go ahead and forget about bashing me for using rattle cans, because I know how to paint to a professional-ish finish with them. Prep work is the most important (arguably) stage of painting, so I took 3 days total (after my day job, so 6-10pm) sanding and cleaning everything. This is day 2 of painting, day 1 was primer and matte black. After filming this, I finished up all the other fairings, but ran low on orange before getting to the gas tank, so that will be tomorrow. I will post a video up when I have finished it all showing before I buff and after I buff. Comment please!

eclipse gs body work
My 1st project with cars, had to be a DSM. Only did the bodywork for now. turbo comes when i have the time and money since im in college.

1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD project; from Beginning to current. (Not completed).
In this video I take you on a little journy though the past 5-8 months and the work completed on my Talon. It is nowhere near done quite yet, well...for body it is. There are still many aspects I am planning on hitting, such as the engine.. I will be building a 2.3L stroker with a Holset HX35 turbocharger and the works.. But in time it will happen, certainly not right away. I have yet to apply for a job, but I am working on it. Thanks for watching. God bless.