Forge Splitter on 01' A4 1.8T

This a clip of the forge splitter on my 2001 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro, from the inside of the car.

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Forge Splitter 1.8t (part 2)
Just some mild driving with the splitter in hybrid mode.

flutter full bov forge splitter
The forge splitter is in full bov but is opposite sides as it used to be this is a test, the discharge is the small port (used to be the big port) and the big port is closed (used to be the small) and it flutters

2001 Audi A4 18t quattro forge splitter blow off valve

Forge Splitter Jetta 1.8T
Jetta 1.8T Repro GIAC CAI KyN Forge Splitter (100% in DV mode)