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Nnow-a-days many actors and artists are experiencing disastrous wardrobe malfunction in front of the camera. The Bigg Boss house in Brazil experienced the same recently.

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Big Brother Africa Amplified- Bra Size
they discuss karens bra size

10 Jahre - 10. Staffel: Big Brother geht los
Fast genau zehn Jahre nachdem die Mutter aller Reality-Formate ganz Deutschland zum ersten Mal faszinierte, ziehen live in Big Brother - Der Start ab 21:15 Uhr die neuen Kandidaten ein. Aleksandra Bechtel moderiert die große Startshow und die wöchentlichen Live-Shows (Big Brother - Die Entscheidung, immer montags, 21:15 Uhr). Von Dienstag bis Sonntag zeigt RTL II ab 19:00 Uhr die Tageszusammenfassung mit den aktuellen Geschehnissen aus der TV-WG.

A FAZENDA - Samambaia quase mostra o que não deve

Lateysha nearly has wardrobe malfunction on first Big Brother diary room visit
Lateysha nearly has wardrobe malfunction on first Big Brother diary room visit. Viewers of MTV's short-lived Welsh reality show The Valleys know that Lateysha Graceis not a woman to be trifled with. But now Big Brother fans are about to be introduced to Hurricane Lateysha after model Laura Carter nominated her for eviction, and the Welsh Beyonce isn't having any of it. Put on the spot by Big Brother, Laura was blindly chosen by The Others and then forced to nominate one of her new fellow housemates in person. Unfortunately for her, she opted to pick new mum Lateysha on live television, and despite saying at the time that it was 'fine', it's clear Lateysha is not OK with being picked.