02' LB7 Duramax rollin coal on Tyler Jacksons 08' LMM

Rollin coal on the way home from Morgan's Corner Sled Pull.

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Duramax's hole shot
A set of Duramax's hole shots. Both trucks are 600+ hp. Both have built trans from Merchant Automotive. Red truck is Fuel heavy. Tan truck is fuel hungry. Both 4x4. Red truck is lifted 6in and 35s. Both have tie rod sleeves, and ladder bars.

WHY I DON'T Roll Coal...
My Duramax don't smoke.

Diesel Dave Show, Episode 3 - Trailer Loading
Great Gear & Entry to win a Diesel Truck FREE AT http://goo.gl/Ty2Fzm Diesel Dave teaches us how to and how NOT TO load a trailer.

Built LB7 Duramax with a High Tech Turbo 64.5 FMW(Forged Metal Wheel) S300 68mm Turbine
Built LB7 with High Tech turbo 64.5 FMW(Forged Metal Wheel)/ 68 Turbine Wheel with a 14cm Hsg Other mods: -EFI Live By DKDiesel.com -DKDiesel Traction Bars -PPE Diesel stage 6 trans built in house -PPE dual fuelers -60% over SoCal Injectors -PPE manifolds w/ up pipes -Banks Techni-Cooler -Banks Power Ram-Air intake -Fass Fuel Systems 150gph Titanium Series -Titan Fuel Tanks 52 gallon -ect.