Rover Vitesse Sports Sedan Rear Suspension Shot

Shot of the rear suspension at work while lapping Morgan Park Raceway

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Rover 3.5 V8
Holley 2bbl

Range Rover 3.9 V8
Took a short clip simply because I had to share this with you, for all of you who love a great big thirsty V8, watch the second range rover and get a good ass pair of headphones. Almost dropped!

Rover 820 Vitesse
My Vittese named Mojay at Torque of the devil uxbridge. She pulled 185.2 bhp with 11psi Boost and 176 lbs/ft torque. given the age of her she did quite well :) At the moment she is stock but that will change ;)

Dump Valve Vs no Dump Valve Rover T16 Turbo
Messing around with my car. turbo chatter V's dump valve. Most of the sound quality is lost after uplaoding it on youtube. 1996 Rover 620ti Engine has done 175,000miles 197bhp when new with a stock Garrett T25 turbo.