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Rover Vitesse Sports Sedan Rear Suspension Shot

Shot of the rear suspension at work while lapping Morgan Park Raceway


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1991 ATCC - Rd 6 - Amaroo Park Raceway Part 1
Round [6/9] of 1991 Australian Touring Car Championship

Racing Rover SD1,Third outing
Rover Vitesse 3500 V8.Competing in "youngtimer challenge" club racing in Denmark.1200 Kg.guessing circa 220 HP.This time trying to follow BMW E36 M3 3 litre with some succes.However the waterpump stops after failure of alternatorbelt and session is disscontiniued.Day ended later as fuelpump gave up.Uprating since last outing was finetuning of springheight and balance (sorting cornerweight with a ruler !!!) and installation of "whiteline rear stabilizer".This transformed the car into a more predictable friend softly changing from under to oversteer in a manner that is very usable.Tracktimes fell with more than a second.

Bob McLoughlin VS Commodore Chev Sports Sedan (Race 3 Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick 15/8/2010)
Incar Footage from the opening laps of Race 3 from Bob McLoughlin's Holden Commodore VS (Chev) Sports Sedan, chasing Chris Donnelly's Ford Falcon EB (Ford) through the field.

Phillip Island, Sports Sedan
Race 1, Car Stalled On Start Line 24/4/09

Rover 3500 estate prototype

TWR Bastos Rover Vitesse in NZ
Hulme/Allain/Hahne car racing at Ruapuna in Christchurch, New Zealand. Video includes close up on interior and car racing.

1984 Rover SD1 Vitesse Rolling Road
Short video of my 1984 Rover SD1 Vitesse on the rolling road Standard engine apart from Holley 4 Barrel Carb and 2 1/2" Exhaust

Shane Bradford Incar - Mazda 323 13B PP Rotary Sports Sedan
Race 2, Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick QLD (March 1st 2008). Dicing with Chris Donnelly Ford Escort Rotary 13B PP.

Shannons Nationals Race 1 Sports Sedans 15-08-10
Sports Sedans racing at Morgan Park track K. Race winner James Sera in a SAAB. Morgan park is located in Warwick, QLD, Australia.

La Bala Suspension - DeDion demonstration
Shows how the deDion rear suspension works on the Grabercars La Bala.

Toranas and Fords at Amaroo Park Raceway
Kens super 8 movie of Amaroo Park 1979raceway Sydney Australia

Colin Smith - Rover Vitesse Sports Sedan Moragn Park
Pole position lap 1.03.9 from April 2008.

Rover 820 Vitesse
My Vittese named Mojay at Torque of the devil uxbridge. She pulled 185.2 bhp with 11psi Boost and 176 lbs/ft torque. given the age of her she did quite well :) At the moment she is stock but that will change ;)

Rear Suspension on the Seven
Finished fabbing up the rear suspension componentbs on the Seven today. Turned out really well, and I think having a good jig was a huge influence on the quality. i got damned lucky since I really just threw a guess at the dimensions and measurements for the rear pickups, and they worked like a champ, almost no angular distortion as it travels up and down. Very excited about that.

Morgan Park Shannons - Rover Vitesse Sports Sedan
Race 3, Rolling start and opening laps chasing Trent Youngs Mazda RX7

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