Exhaust Comparison

This is a comparison between the Exhausts offered at All We'll Drive. On the left in the black SVX is the Bullet design, and on the Claret, The Flatt Replica.

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Subaru SVX Exhaust with Flowmaster Revving to 7500
Subaru SVX Exhaust with Flowmaster Series 80 Revving to 7500rpms. Sounds more deep and throaty while the engine is on a heavier load

SVX Stebro Exhaust


Subaru SVX Flowmaster Exhaust
the Exhaust is done from right behind the stock manifolds. It has two high flow cats(one on each pipe). then it goes to a y pipe then all the way back to the flowmaster 80 series muffler. this Exhaust was just welded up and done yesterday so it is not "broken in" yet. also that is why there is that dark smoke as well. Check out my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/Thedirtydirtydirty