Boost Logic Tx2k8 mishap (close call)

2008 Texas Supra Meet.

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Boost Logic @ The Clash of the Titans
Boost Logic @ the Clash of the Titan True 10.5

World Record Supra: Boost Logic Supra In-car Footage.
Here is the in car footage from Boost Logic's newest record setting run, shattering the old Titan Motorsports time.

Tx2k8 Drag Unlimited class - Final round Boostlogic vs Titan
Boostlogic vs Titan, both have monster rubber and lots of hp. Who will win?

Texas Streets - Available at
Please consider donating to support Vehicular Lunacy at its Finest! Purchase a digital copy of this and other videos at the new: HD video in higher quality! Join IMV as they embark out to Texas for the 2008 Texas Supra Meet. With the 11.2@130 Silver IMV Cobra in attendance, Jimmy, Sav, Mark and Trevor find out what a weekend in Houston is like with some of the fastest street cars around.