Where I got The Inspiration For My Car Smashing Video

If you've seen Ultimate Destruction: Toy Car, can you see the similarities? Imagine having that on your car! From my favorite TV show Top Gear.

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Top Gear News - Cows Or Cars?
Jeremy Clarkson says that scientists "have been busy at work", and they made an announcement, based on which he has found out that "a cow does more global warming than a Range Rover". He proceeds then to raising a question: "What should we keep — Cows or Cars?"

Richard Hammond wishes he had a radio.
Funny scene from Top Gear where Richard wants a radio, badly. So he just started singing himself! No Copyright Infringement Intended. All rights go to the BBC.

Clarkson vs Hammond on Muscle Cars

top gear funny scenes
top gears richard hammonds funny moments hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!