Cammed '69 c/10 first start in over a year

For everyone *Trying* to tell me that this truck is a '67, read this. The truck is a '69, it just has a '67 cab. The cowl was rotted off of the original. It has everything original, hood, bed, etc. The cab from the '67 is all that's changed. It had a original big window, sliding rear glass cab. My '69 c/10. Started first try after priming the carb. Specs: 283 small block chevy bored 30 over white box cam hedman headers dual point distributor Quadrajet 4bbl carb 3 speed manual transmission The rims are aluminum. western turbine mags.

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Friends truck 1967 Chevy
1967 chevy truck with... 283 small block power pack head 2 barrel carb headers and 3 speed manual.

My '69 Chev C-10
This truck has survived years of abuse and keeps on running. It should have been in the junk yard years ago. Bought it off an indian reservation in Washington State for $75 about 10 years ago. I should have left it there. Maybe someday I will finish it. So far it has new floor pans, cab corners, inner and outer rockers, doors, front clip, box, glass, crate 350, 700R4, radiator, alternator, starter, carb, headers, master cylinder, springs, shocks, brakes, u-joints, drive shaft, Exhaust, parking, running, stop, headlights, bright moulding, rear bumper, outside door handles, outside mirrors, sunroof, door panels, seat reupholstery, carpet, bright thresholds, zzzzzzzzzzzzz. It does still have the original tailgate which is a total rust-out. As far as I can tell this thing worked hard all its life until it could no longer move. It was parked and left to die a slow miserable death, or as some would say "It was rode hard and put away wet"....and then I ( a sucker ) came along.

L.A. Street Racing - 1000hp + Nitrous C10 vs 700hp Mustang
We spent a week in L.A. checking out the street racing scene, here's the craziest, and most unpredictable race that we filmed.... Some serious power in the red pickup! Keep an eye on our channel for more from this trip, L.A. has got some badass cars that play on the street! Thank you to Izzy Performance for hosting us on the trip!

The Black mamba
This is a video of how far i have come on restoring my truck, it was sold to me 2 years ago for 500$ as a rusty pile. I would appreciate your input either positive or negative, 1969 Chevy C-10 Project, Restoration in progress.