1/4 mile Maxima SE vs. Sentra SER

1/4 mile Maxima SE vs. Sentra SER. Sentra has light mods. Noise in background is another car in the burnout box.

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03 VQ 35 Maxima vs 05 Sentra Se-r Spec v Call Out
An 03 maxima called me out, camera is in the maxima, its a 6 speed with a VQ35de engine, while i drive the sentra se-r spec v, which is also a 6 speed with a QR25de

00 Maxima vs Sentra SE-R
Drag Race

maxima 1/4 mile drag racing
Me @ the track racing. Last race is my friend in the pickup truck. 1st race- the max loses to a killer pickup with v8 2nd race- maxima smokes a mercedes compressor 3rd race- maxima smokes a turbocharged civic 4th race- dodge ram 1500 loses to dodge caliber srt

Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V vs. Nissan Maxima SE
00:07 was a bad take off. 1:01 just a random pull. 1:24 was good until he missed the gear. 1:53 was decent if we had more room.