Car Tech - 2012 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec Hyundai Genesis sets out to do 5 Series and E class on a budget.

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The 2012 R Spec from hyundai is a great attemp in the sports sedan segment. This 2012 genesis R Spec has surprised many when you tell them is a hyundai. This 2012 genesis R Spec is comfortable, spacious, fast and pretty athletic. it may surprise your neighbour when yoiu tell them this a aproduct from hyundai. The company has since seperated and the luxury segment from hyundai is now called Genesis. the current vehicle that replaces the genesis is the genesis G90. This 2012 R Spec is a worthy competitor to consider if you are looking to have all the luxury options like the germans but at a bargain. our tester was equipped with park distance control sensors, back up camer, radar cruise control, air condition and heated seat, 8 Speed auto with manual mode, dual zone climate control. heated rear seats, hot and coo vents for rear passengers, heated steering wheel, heated mirrors and the list goes on and on. the 2012 genesis R Spec is a loaded car with the power and driving fines that will surprise you. thanks for watching LET'S ROLL OUT. If you live t=in the greater totonto area and would like us to feature you car in an upcoming episode. please contact us a see you in our next show.

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