Pro-Line Performance Transmission - Part 1

Follow this series on Pro-Line's Performance Transmission for the 2WD Slash. Leave questions below for a chance to win a pair of Pro-Line Short Course tires.

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Pro-Line Performance Transmission - Part 2
Part 2 answers what the true and tangible benefits of the Transmission are and goes into detail on the Slipper System. Stay tuned to Part 3 for details on the Internal Gears and Sealed Differential. Follow this series on Pro-Line's Performance Transmission for the 2WD Slash, Stampede, Rustler.

Pro-Line Performance Transmission - Part 3
Part 3 is the Final Video in the Series. This video gives you a look at the internals of the Transmission and describes how to fit other manufacturers spur gears onto the Transmission. Follow this series on Pro-Line's Performance Transmission for the 2WD Slash, Stampede, Rustler. Check out the Performance Transmission specs and details at

Pro-Line Racing Pro-2 SCT - Custom HD Transmission, Steel Spur Gear & Locked Diff!
Today we take a step back with the Pro-Line Racing Pro-2 On Road build as we tear apart the HD transmission and do some custom work to the internals! One of the first things i needed to do too this transmission in order to make it drift and drift well, was to be able to lock the Differential. And in order to lock it, i had to use a product called JB Weld. Its an epoxy that hardens like steel. By using this Epoxy it will seal the entire inside of the differential causing a locked rear end. Similar to that of a rear drift car. The next thing i wanted to do to this transmission was to be able to install a steel spur gear. Considering I'm going to be running this on 3s lipo with a powerful motor. I needed something that could take some abuse. In order for me to be able to install a steel spur gear setup in this transmission i ended up using a Traxxas Slash 2wd slipper shaft and gear setup. Witch then allowed me to use the Robinson Racing 56 Tooth 32 pitch Steel spur gear and upgraded slipper assemble. The best part about all of this is that its a direct drop in into the transmission! Hope all of you found this information useful! Have a question? let me know in the comment box below! Don't forget to subscribe and like this video! DONT FORGET SAVE 10% AT PRO-LINE RACING - ( RCOVERLOAD10 ) Products used in this Video! Pro-Line Pro-2 - Pro-Line HD Transmission - smission/ Pro-Line HD Differential Gear - ement/ Traxxas Slipper Shaft - Traxxas Slipper Shaft internal Gear - Traxxas Slipper Clutch Spring and Nut (Kit) - Robinson Racing 56Tooth 32 pitch Traxxas Slash 2wd Spur Gear Assembly - -RADIO CONTROL NETWORK (MCN) - *Do you make RC Videos? Join the ONLY Radio Controlled MCN on YouTube! - -ASIATEES – * Your #1 Source For RC Hobby Products – -PRECISION RC GRAPHICS- *Custom Stickers & Scale Accessories – COUPON CODES - Get 10% Off at ProLine (Coupon Code - RCOVERLOAD10) - Get 5% Off at (Coupon Code - RCOoverload5) - Get 10% Off at (Coupon Code – RCOVERLOAD10) – -RC OVERLOAD INFORMATION - *Website & Forum- *T-Shirts And Sweatshirt's - *Facebook - *Twitter - *Instagram - Music Used in the video - -Royalty Free Music by Anarchy At GA - By Platinumtrax © RC Overload, All Rights Reserved. RC Overload is not responsible for your "own" actions with your radio controlled vehicles that is or was performed by yourself or anyone else. ............The original Facebook link may or may not be broken, according to some viewers. However if you have found it does not work. Try this link here -

Pyro-HCG Slash 2wd-Level 4 Upgrade: Proline Perf Transmission
Donated to me by: Kojot0976 Proline Performance Transmission for Slash 2wd & Stampede 2wd