Lexus Soarer 2.5 GT-TL

Just completed my first ever HD video, with my ride

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SKIPPER Air sound controller Installation to the hydraulic suspension. Toyota Soarer(Lexus SC430)
エアーサウンドコントローラーは、エアーを動力とする サスペンションシステム(例えばエアサス)に組み付ける で、エアーの排出音をコントロールする事が可能にな 製品です。今回の動画は、SKIPPER製油圧サスペンション に、組み付けて動作させています。 By assembling the (air suspension, for example) suspension system powered by a air, air sound controller is a product that makes it possible to control the emission of air sound. SKIPPER made ​​to hydraulic suspension, videos this time, You have a running and assembled. SKIPPER Official website

Lexus Soarer V8 with straight through exhaust.

Toyota Soarer 850HP

Time Attack Soarer build continues.wmv
Time Attack Soarer build continues The second video detailing the build of my JZZ30 Soarer track car buildup. The action now takes place in Darwin, Northern Territory on the Hidden Valley circuit. The basics were covered in the early days before as seen in my video "1:10s for under ten grand at Wakefield Park". This video picks up the action in Darwin where scrutineers called for the addition of a roll cage. The roll cage is a full weld in CAMS spec cage designed for a mates Sprots Sedan. To offset this gain in weight the car went on a crash diet with the glass replaced with Lexan (not the front screen), the passenger door entirrly gutted, and the floor of the boot cut out to make way for a rear diffuser. I even went sor far as to take a hole saw to the boot, but after two hours work I'd only saved 150 grams so I gave up. The front splitter area saw some more development, and the front bushes were replaced with polyurethane (which had to be machined down to fit).