Wankel Rotary Powered Flying Car

Wankel Rotary Powered Flying Car on James May's Big Idea

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Verticopter Part 1
The Verticopter is now offered for free! Click below to download it and try your hand at flying it FOR FREE! http://tinyurl.com/freeverticopter

Flying car developer says he's $80 million closer to making sci-fi dream a reality.
Flying car developer Dr. Paul Moller gets cash infusion to help put his car/plane hybrid on the roads and in the skies by 2016. By joining with an outside firm and moving production to China, the California-based Moller International group says they're on the fast track toward making sci-fi dream a reality.

NASA Spiral Duct ESTOL Concept
Extremely Short Takeoff and Landing advanced vehicle concept based upon the coupling of the Lippisch Aerodyne and Custer Channel Wing. Designed to takeoff of at a speed of just 30 mph, with ground distances of less than 150 ft. The outer panels are freewings (able to freely pivot) so that the vehicle is less gust sensitive (which is a major ESTOL problem). Developed as part of the NASA Personal AIr Vehicle project under Mark Moore.

Rotary engine
rotary engine, 6,000 rpm