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CrazyCarClub - 2002 Chrysler Intrepid MAX SPEED TEST 0 to 180 KPH (0 to 110 MPH)

2002 Chrysler Intrepid 3.5L V6 MAX SPEED TEST 0 to 180 KPH (0 to 110 MPH)


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Intrepid 0-80ish 3.5L HO (police Interceptor) HD
just a quick run. sounds better in person. camera makes it sound unhealthy.

2.7 1999 concord/intrepid timing chain replacement - head removel and more!
This video is long. Unlike most videos on here, I don't just talk about what you have to do...I SHOW you...Again my video is freeking blurry sorry about that. I have to do some more research and see why the video is like this. This car was smoking like a freight train! Was going to just replace the valve seals but one thing led to a another....lol. I try to go over everything you have to do to fix the 2.7 timing chain. Also...oil pump....water pump...valve stem seals and more. I do talk a lot and hope the video is clear enough to see. Its not a prefect video but you will see what it takes to tear one of these motors apart for repair. Enjoy!

CrazyCarClub - Davidsfarm Pontiac Grand Prix History ( From Start To Scrap )
A look back at the Pontiac we brought to Davidsfarm last year . From its begining to its end.

Changing The Spark Plugs On Your Chrysler Intrepid
This is a do-it-yourself video on how to replace the spark plugs on your Chrysler Intrepid (2000).

My 1994 and 2001 Chrysler Intrepid: A Tribute
A video tribute of my Cars of the 2000's. My First car, a 1994 Chrysler Intrepid, is the car I learned to drive in in 1999, and was given to me by my Dad in early 2001. Coming home from a New Years Party on January 2005, the transmission gave out (wouldn't go into reverse) and it was the death knell. This car was great on gas, didn't need many repairs and was a good car that never left me on the side of the road. We finally parted ways on February 10th 05. Music is 'Expedition Salior(Gone Away)' by Kim Mitchell. My second car, a 2001 Chrysler Intrepid ES, I bought from a used car lot on January 20th, 2005 for $7995. It was a beautiful car but throughout her life was plagued with repairs, needing constant brake work, a new ECU, engine was replaced in Blind River, Ontario on my way out west, and was a constant money pit. Finally once the 5yr loan was up and it needed another $900 of work to pass inspection, it was time for a change. On January 14th, 2010, I went Toyota. The Green car now sits permantently parked in my Parents driveway under a snowdrift. Music is 'Kite' by U2. To these cars, Goodbye, thank you for getting me safely as far as you did, for all the voyages we shared, and the good times we had. May you Rust in Peace.

97 Intrepid 3.5L ES 0-60 (stock)
fully loaded 97 intrepid with about 150lbs of rims in the trunk

2004 Dodge Intrepid SE Interior/Exterior Tour, Engine and Start Up
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Dodge Intrepid Walkaround
Here' a short walkaround of my 2002 Dodge Intrepid SE. Its not factory correct anymore, even though it has 90% factory options for the LH line of cars (300m, LHS, Concorde, Intrepid) The seats are out of a 2002 300m Pro Am, 300m Special rear sway bar, PCM (hence the reason you can see it burning slightly rich), and complete wiring swap. Custom light taupe painted interior trim panels to match the seats, and the "98" style instrument cluster bezel. Instrument cluster is a hybrid between the police Intrepid and 300m Special to allow for Autostick. The Superbee theme is in its infancy as I have much more to do to complete it,but the performance of my 2.7 is almost on par of a 3.5HO currently, so I felt it was fitting. Theres more, but I dont have enough room. Here's a link to my sig page... http://www.dodgeintrepid.net/showthread.php?t=196386

Додж Интрепид - долгожданный обзор.
Тюнинг проект A.B.Customs

Cold Start - 2001 Chrysler Intrepid
My Chrysler Intrepid ES (Dodge Intrepid in the states) has been sitting parked for 3 weeks in cold New Brunswick weather, I start her up in -11 Celsius weather without even pumping the gas. Though it's the cars second motor (first one broke down in 2006 at 170k, replaced with a 2.7L from a 04 Sebring with 49k on it. Car now has 242k), it still purrs like a kitten. The ironic part is that about half an hour later I took the key out to open the trunk, put the key back in to turn on the radio and forgot to restart the car - and killed the battery... had to play "Car Tetris" in the driveway to get the car Boosted, I had my Dad's Echo parked sideways next to it and 2 sets of jumper cables bridged together.. Dangerous? yeah maybe. And she's for sale. It needs new brakes, a couple of link kits, ball joint, a strut and an Exhaust hole patched to get on the road, and I'll have at least all new brakes before it goes. Asking 1200 right now - but I am fixing it to get inspected and sell for more.

Maximum speed and acceleration BMW X5 4.8i E70
Maximum speed and acceleration of BMW X5 4.8i E70

2003 Dodge Intrepid Starter Replacement

How To Change a Timing Belt Dodge Intrepid 95-97 Part 1 1AAuto.com
http://www.1aauto.com/1A/TimingBelts/Dodge/Intrepid 1A Auto shows you how to install, change or replace a cracked, snapped, cut or timing belt. Another common reason to change this is if your car has high mileage and is recommended to be changed by your vehicle manufacturer. This video is applicable to the 95, 96, and 97 Dodge Intrepid models.

Chrysler Intrepid Police Event at Blainville PMG
Tony Morris Jr and Glenn Nixon giving Hot Laps to Police Guests at Ride and Drive Event in Montreal.

2003 Dodge Intrepid Timing Belt Replacement

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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