ISF track at Race City

Aug 15 2009. 1st time tracking the ISF and 1st time on this particular track. I was pushing about 50-60%. Almost spun out on last lap. Stock PS2's were giving out at the end of the day. It was close but I had fun.

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With my Lexus ISF out to play at the track
Took my Lexus ISF out to play at the harris hill tracks. Was the first track play for the ISF...the first of many!!!

Lexus ISF at Larry H Miller West Track April 2009
The sound for some reason turned out real crackley on my laps later in the day. So this isnt the fastest set, but if you listen hard you can hear the tires squal in every turn. t he back stretch I reashed a top speed of 112mph. Was a lot faster in person!

Lexus IFS passes BMW M3 on Larry H Miller track
Open track day, took me a few laps to reel him in, and he stuck with be partially for another lap. His biggest error was breaking too hard on entry. Otherise pretty evenly matched.

Lexus IS-F Hot lap
In an IS-F racing around the autobahn country club in Joliet, IL