Vanessa Chevrolet G20 G-Series Fullsize Van Trans-Aire Air Lift 1000 Part2

Short video leaving Inland Truck Parts & Service in Sioux City. For more info on Vanessa, look me up on Cardomain as FullSizeBowtie or rotate with me in the Vannin dot com forums as Bowtie89.

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Vanessa now fitted with Air Lift 1000
A short video to update viewers that the Air Lift 1000 bags have been installed. It took maybe an hour due to humidity and an additional half hour for me to decide exactly where to mount the air valves. All in all, it was fairly simple. The difficult part was getting the bags to fold small enough to fit into the opening below the coil springs and the extra lip of material in the center of the bags did not make things any easier. Stay tuned for the rear install as well as the on-board compressor installation with the wireless control.

Installation of the Air Lift Replacement Front Air Spring on a 1989 Chevrolet P Series Rate your transcript OrderClientKevin BrossRef #20458Order #TC0642886002 Today on our 1989 Chevrolet P Series chassis we're going to be installing the air lift replacement front air spring for airlift 1000 part number AL81260. We have our motorhome up in the air so that the front wheels are off the ground so that the suspension is just hanging. Now we're going to need to undo the air fitting. It's on the bottom of the old bag that's broken in this particular motorhome so we're going to unscrew the fitting off the bottom of the bag, so we've unthreaded the fitting off the bottom of the old bag. Next we're going to need to remove the old bag from the coil spring. Now you may need to just pry this section out or just pull it out and cut it up. I doesn't matter. You're going to be throwing it away anyways. Now here is what the old bag looks like once we've removed it. Note: Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Vanessa Chevrolet G20 G-Series Fullsize Van Trans-Aire Air Lift 1000 Part1
Short video on my way into Sioux City to pick up my Air Lift 1000 Kit from Inland Truck Parts & Service. For more info on Vanessa, look me up on Cardomain as FullSizeBowtie Or The Vannin Forums as Bowtie89.

Why Air? Why Air Lift?
When it comes to adding load support to your vehicle there are several options. Air springs are the only load support product that provide both leveling capacity and improved ride comfort. Adding steel springs to your suspension will give your vehicle increased load support, but the extra steel adds stiffness to your suspension which decreases ride comfort when riding empty. Installing a load assist rubber jounce bumper will also give your vehicle added load support. However, many drivers report uncomfortable harsh jarring when riding on rough roads. Only air springs give you load support that is adjustable for your specific load. Add air when riding loaded to ensure your vehicle is level for a safer, more comfortable ride. Deflate the air springs when riding unloaded for optimal ride quality. The adjustability of air makes traveling with a load easy and convenient. Join us on Facebook: Join us on Instagram: