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Vanessa Chevrolet G20 G-Series Fullsize Van Trans-Aire Air Lift 1000 Part2

Short video leaving Inland Truck Parts & Service in Sioux City. For more info on Vanessa, look me up on Cardomain as FullSizeBowtie or rotate with me in the Vannin dot com forums as Bowtie89.


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Vanessa now fitted with Air Lift 1000
A short video to update viewers that the Air Lift 1000 bags have been installed. It took maybe an hour due to humidity and an additional half hour for me to decide exactly where to mount the air valves. All in all, it was fairly simple. The difficult part was getting the bags to fold small enough to fit into the opening below the coil springs and the extra lip of material in the center of the bags did not make things any easier. Stay tuned for the rear install as well as the on-board compressor installation with the wireless control.

Vanessa Chevrolet G20 G-Series Fullsize Van Trans-Aire Air Lift 1000 Part1
Short video on my way into Sioux City to pick up my Air Lift 1000 Kit from Inland Truck Parts & Service. For more info on Vanessa, look me up on Cardomain as FullSizeBowtie Or The Vannin Forums as Bowtie89.

Vanessa's Audio Repair Chevy Van Brakelites.mov
Audio Wiring Issue Repaired:

How To Install Air Lift 1000 Helper Springs | Installing Bags To Stock Suspension For The Big Build
Hey everyone! Got the Air Lift kit all installed, and it worked like a charm! Already sits a lot higher with the 6 XXX's inside! Definitely worth the buy, and looking forward to see how it handles the upcoming birch, batts, and amps! :) Thanks For Rating & Subscribing! http://www.youtube.com/EXOabigdeal Inside The Build Pt1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKHWdfWXQLc Enjoy The Music? Music By: Kevin Macleod Songs: "Ice Flow" & "Mining by Moonlight" www.incompetech.com EXO's Frankenstein 1998 Ford Expedition / "EXOedition" Pioneer AVH-p3200DVD Double Din Head Unit 1 Behringer DCX2496 Crossover & EQ 6 Soundstream XXX 18" Subwoofers 6 PSI 2500W Recones w/ Direct Leads 6 Sounstream TX1.2600d Bass Amps 1 Oxygen Air2ProF550 4 Channel Amp 1 MB Quart ONX4.125 4 Channel Amp 6 Crescendo FT1 Tweeters 4 10" Crescendo PWX-10 Mid Drivers 4 6" Crescendo PWX-6 Mid Drivers 4 Iraggi 320 Amp Alternators 10 Power Logic AGM Batteries Second Skin Audio Sound Deadener Alpha Damp & Damplifier Pro 800 Watt DC/AC Power Inverter Air Lift 1000 Helper Springs (bags) No Compressor Needed! Dual Flowmaster Exhaust AMP AKA: Air 2 Pro F550 / Air2 ProF550 EXOcontralto Bassheads Unite 2012

2014 Ram ProMaster 7 Passenger High-Top Conversion Van By Sherry Vans Walkthrough | 26910T
Justin Smith of Paul Sherry Conversion Vans walks you through the industry's first Ram ProMaster Conversion Van! The Sherry Van is revolutionary with its front wheel drive, low floor, factory "Hi-Top" raised roof, 20+ MPG fuel economy, and much more! Paul Sherry Conversion Vans has a knowledgeable sales staff that are eager to answer your questions and get you into the right van! For additional information, pictures, or a personalized walk-around video, just give Justin Smith a call at (800) 678-4188 Ext.1123 or visit: http://www.paulsherryconversionvans.com/ Our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/PaulSherryConversionVans Subscribe To Our Channel For More Conversion Van Videos! Stock Number: 26910T Conversion: Sherry Vans Chassis: Ram ProMaster 1500 High Roof 136″ Wheelbase Engine: 3.6L V6, 280 horsepower, 6-Speed Automatic Transmission, Front Wheel Drive Exterior: Flame Red Paint, Custom Painted Stripe, Painted Ground Effects, Full Length Running Boards w/ Non-Slip Step, Clear Cab Roof Lights, Deep Tinted Windows Interior: Ivory Color Decor, Premium Perforated Leather Seating For 7 Passengers, Custom Pleated Privacy Day/Night Window Shades, Dynamat Sound Deadening, Gloss Black Trim, LED Lighting Climate Control: Front and Rear A/C & Heat Center Console: None Front Seating: Premium Perforated Leather Captain Chairs with Self-Leveling Armrests Front Entertainment: Premium Jensen VX7020 6.2″ Touchscreen Navigation Receiver, AM/FM Stereo With CD/DVD Player, Premium Pioneer Speakers, Pandora Radio, Bluetooth Calling/Streaming, USB Stereo Input, USB Charging Port, D.I.C. Driver Information Center Mid Seating: Premium Perforated Leather Captain Chairs With Power Recline, Swivel Bases, Slide Tracks, Self-Leveling Armrests, Twin Consoles Rear Seating: Power Reclining Premium 2-Section Perforated Leather Sofa, Twin Armrests/Consoles Rear Entertainment: 32″ Vizio HDTV, Blu-ray/DVD Player, Wireless Headphones w/ Storage Cases, 120V Game Power Supply, HDMI Input, LED Indirect Accent and Mood Lighting, LED Reading Lights Wheels: 18″ Premium American Racing Chrome Wheels Towing Package: None

Off-Road Camper Van Build - Project Motovan
Contributor Eric Tabb sets out to build an off-road van for camping ,traveling to the desert, and accommodating his dirt bike while making the trip comfortable along the way and once at the destination. If you read the previous installment of Project Motovan last year you might have picked up on how much I was enjoying the freedom of owning a 4x4 camper van. The ease of being able to load up the van during the week and hit the road on the weekend to a destination far from civilization really makes life easier and maximizes the time camping. Check out more on the build here: http://www.off-road.com/diesel/project/project-motovan-building-an-offroad- van-part-6-53439.html Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=OffRoadDotcom YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/OffRoaddotcom Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/OffRoadcom Twitter - http://twitter.com/OffRoaddotcom Web - http://www.Off-Road.com Since 1995, Off-Road.com has been the definitive online resource for off-road enthusiasts with thousands of reviews and performance tests, aftermarket upgrades, maintenance tips, off-road news, event and race coverage and more. Off-Road.com covers all forms of off-road vehicles from ATV & UTVs, dirtbikes, trucks (4x4), Jeeps and more.

Good Bye to an old Friend
This was a 1985 Chevy G20 fully custom van that my dad bought brand new when i was a teen ager. with all my other vehicles it was time to start thinning the heard out some and something had to go this was the only logical one to get rid of. I let it go for $217.00 in steel today we got a LOT of good use out of that van but i couldn't afford to keep my other ones up and fix that one too so I sadly had to say good bye after stripping off what my father asked me to.

99 4Runner rear coil springs and air bag install
Installing new rear coil springs and air bags in my 1999 Toyota 4Runner. The coils are Moog brand, the air springs are airlift brand. Filmed October 2011.

IMG_0096.MOV chevrolet chevy van g20 v8 1991
chevrolet chevy van moteur v 8 essence 33 cv

Magic Bus- A cargo van conversion.wmv
The process of taking a stock Ford Econoline E250 and converting it to a camper van. Installing Solar Panels, Controller, Batteries, Water tank/Pump, Sink, Shower, Bed, Storage Compartments, Lights, Paneling, etc.

Air Helper Springs Installation - 2003 Chevrolet Express Van - etrailer.com
http://www.etrailer.com/tv-AirSpring-Install-2003-Chevy-Express.aspx Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information. All right today on this 2003 Chevrolet Express Van 2500 series, we are going to install part number F2337 from Firestone. They are Sport-Rite Air Helper Springs. We are going to start off by assembling the spring kit itself. We are just going to get it hand tight for now. We will get all of the accessories together and then we will install it on the vehicle. First off we will install this plate. We are going to put this disc on top of it. Then what is going to happen is our air bag is going to sit on top of that. This whole assembly is going to get attached to the bottom of the U bolts underneath the axle. Run the bolt through, the disc, and then our air spring. We are going to leave that loose for now. We will go ahead and install our air valve. We are going to cinch this one down tight. Then it is still flexible after it is tightened down, pretty neat. 01:14 Our top bracket is going to go back on. We can also go ahead and tighten these up too. The bottom bolt is what we are going to have to really leave loose. This is our sub assembly here. Lets go ahead and test fit it on the vehicle now. Right now we have got our wheel off. We have got it on a jack stand so we will go ahead and test it. This bracket on the bottom goes right on to the bottom of the U bolts and then on top we have got the parking brake cables in the way so we are going to have to disconnect that bracket and we will put the bracket back together after we are done with the air springs. All right lets go try it again. Put it up against the U bolts. Go ahead and install the nuts. Use a screwdriver to make a mark. We are going to be using an existing hole and this one here, mark that too. All right at our marked locations what we are going to do is drill 1/ 4 inch pilot hole and then follow up the appropriate hole for the fastener. These pilot holes need to be drilled up to 9/ 32 for the self tapping bolts. 03:03 In the oval hole here, the bracket lines up with that and we are just going to drill out through the back side of the frame. All right lets go ahead and enlarge the back side of the frame. Lets go ahead and run our bolt and our huge 3/ 8 thick washer through all the way through the frame. The same flat washer goes on the back side. The locking nut will go on top of that. We will not be able to do it too far with our hands. We will have to use a tool to run it down with. That is fine for now we will go ahead and start the other bolts into the frame. All right these bolts are actually self threading so you just got to get them started and put pressure behind them. All right for our bracket for our parking brake lines, what we are going to do is make the bolt do double duty. We actually drilled this out a little bit to accept it. It did not take much. Then we will just go ahead and put a flat washer behind that and then the bolt and thread everything back through. This arm above the hanger will set on top of the bracket and it will grab the lines. All right we will go ahead and tighten the nuts down now. Hand tighten and then 1/ 4 turn more is all you need. This bottom bolt we have got to do next. 04:40 All right what we want to do is mount our hose fitting basically to the bottom of the bumper pointing down just like that. We want to go ahead and drill a hole through the bumper here and make room for that and we will finish up our lines underneath the vehicle. This is our hose from the driver side and this is our hose from the passenger side. Basically what we want to do is put a T in the middle in between the two. Just slide it into place and it kind of clicks and get it tugged back. And then our other half will go down to our valve, we just push that into there. We use some extra length hose just between these two here. Then we will run this to our hole in our bumper. Then we will put our nut on the bottom and tighten it up. Go ahead and put some air into it. All right we will go ahead and spray it down with some soapy water and look for bubbles. No bubbles, no leak. We will go ahead and let the air out and you want to leave about ten pounds of air whenever you are not using it. All right after testing our aligns and the air springs we are done for our install. There you have it for part number F2337 from Firestone. The Sport-Rite Air Spring.

amfr mud boggs 2009 THE SHAKER
my 1980 chevy playin in the mud in the summer of 09... Had a pretty fair year... new 450 hp motor, new eat my shift monster transmission... 38 inch tsl boggers... 9 inch lift... half ton running gear including inland truck parts drivelines, richmand 4:10 gears front and rear, spicer u-joints.. any ? just comment

1985 Chevrolet van G20 Star Craft conversion Holland Auto Sales Pasadena David Broeksma
1985 Chevrolet van G20 Star Craft conversion Holland Auto Sales Pasadena David Broeksma

09 Dodge Ram Air Lift 1000.wmv
I installed the Air Lift 1000s in my '09 Ram 1500.

1984 Chevrolet Beauville Wheelchair Lift Van
Our new van with a nice lift

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