Episode #145 - MMC Honda Civic Sedan Fog Light Installation

Mid-model change fog light installation for 09 and newer Civic sedans. More at www.collegehillshonda.com and www.diyhonda.com.

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Episode #135 - 2008 Honda Civic Sedan Fog Lights
There is not much to say about this podcast. Just crank it up and watch. More at www.collegehillshonda.com and www.diyhonda.com.

8thGen Honda Civic eBay foglight how to
I unbox an "ebay" aka replica foglight kit for the Honda Civic

Episode #206 - 2012 Honda Civic 4dr Fog Light Kit Installation
This is one of the most popular accessories for the Honda Civic. Although not for the beginner, if you feel comfortable removing the front bumper then you should be able to handle this project. Note that models without standard fog light covers will require cutting the bumper. More at www.collegehillshonda.com and www.diyhonda.com.

Honda Civic Horn Upgrade Tutorial
Tutorial on how to upgrade 8th generation Honda Civic horn to Honda Accord horn. This video is also helpful for the newer and older generation Civic. Let me know if you would look to purchase an OEM Honda Accord horn. If there is interest, I'll setup an ebay listing. It should go for about $30. The advantages over a no name brand horn is that the fitting is correct, so you can just plug in and it'll work.