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Baby Mad Dog VS Forst

Crazy Train - Semi-finale Rodéo du camion 2009 / Truck Rodeo '09


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Coga VS Lévesque
Finale / Final Catégorie Bobtail / Bobtail Category Rodéo du camion 2009 / Truck Rodeo '09

Challenge 255 de Baie Du Febvre 2009, un apperçu part I
Voici le montage I (apperçu, part I) du Challenge 255 de Baie Du Febvre qui avait lieu le 15 et 16 août 2009

Grant VS Royer
Crazy Train Rodéo du camion 2009 / Truck Rodeo '09

Baby Mad Dog VS Nychuck
Final Crazy Train Rodéo du camion 2009 / Truck Rodeo '09

Paquin VS Coga
Semi-final 02 Catégorie chargée / Loaded Category Rodéo du camion 2009 / Loaded Category '09

Paquin VS Silver Bullet
Catégorie chargée / Loaded Category Rodéo du camion 2009 / Truck Rodeo '09

Rodéo du camion/Truck Rodeo
Course de camions à Notre-Dame-du-Nord Big rig racing at Truck Rodeo of Notre-Dame-du-Nord

Couture VS Coga
Final Catégorie chargée / Loaded Category Rodéo du camion 2009 / Truck Rodeo '09

el rodeo truck race 2009
truck race with lots of black smoke!!! a notre dame du nord quebec

Truck Rodeo 2009 Notre-Dame-du-Nord jetson
Truck Rodeo short clips of trucks racing...bob tailing & load pulling!!! Quick slide show of some of the trucks!!

monster camion
motor show

... More at http://www.offroaders.com ... This Nissan Patrol nearly bites it but with some quick thinking, throttles it up as it rights itself! AWESOME!! Location near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Rodéo du Camion 2009 - Brian Forst Vs Sébastien Gagnon
Qualification de Brian Forst Vs Sébastien Gagnon au Rodéo du Camion 2009

Smokin' Gun 2008 Notre Dame Du Nord, Quebec - Part 2 of 2
www.smokingunracing.com Gord Cooper's Smokin' Gun performs at the Truck Rodeo in Northern Quebec one more time. Thanks to Shell Rotella T for making the "Eastern Tour" possible, Gord puts on a show for the crowd with his trademark Monster Burnouts, at the wildest outdoor party of the summer. Legendary trucks: Wilder Thing, Mechatech, Du-So, Coga, Mad Dog, Grant, Franco, The Destroyer and many others bring the action to "The Hill" for 1/8th Mile drag racing in the middle of a small town with nearly 30,000 Coors Light fueled fans cheering them on. turbos spool, frames twist and drivetrains groan as competitors hook up to loaded B-Trains and start grabbin' gears, racing for the checkered flag. Spectacular trucks are polished and displayed in the Show 'n' Shine and live music rocks two seperate stages. Truely an incredible event. I wouldn't miss this one for anything.

Couture VS Lévesque
Semi-final 01 Catégorie chargée / Loaded Category Rodéo du camion 2009 / Truck Rodeo '09

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1986 Dragster Jet Powered Jet Dragster: 5.480 @ 287.000
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2003 Dragster Jet Powered Ballistic Eagle Jet Motorcycle: 8.202 @ 191.890
Kevin Martin, Engine: teledyne J402-CA-702 Model 373, Supercharger: na Turbos: na Tires: 7

1993 Infiniti G20 Turbo: 12.060 @ 119.000
Andy, Engine: SR20DET Bluebird, Turbos: T3/T04e Tires: Yokohama / M/T

2001 Infiniti G20 : 12.750 @ 106.800
Sean, Engine: 2.0 DOHC SR20DE, Supercharger: Eclectic Supercharger Tires: Yokohama AVS ES100

1992 Infiniti G20 Turbo: 13.201 @ 115.100
Denny, Engine: 2002 sr20de turbo, Turbos: gt28 Tires: no grip

1999 Infiniti G20 Base + Turbo: 13.302 @ 109.250
Nathan Lemarbe, Engine: SR20VET, Turbos: Garrett GTX2867R Tires: 205 50 17

1993 Infiniti G20 : 13.980 @ 100.000
Logan, Engine: sr20de, Tires: 215/40/17

2002 Infiniti G20 Base+T: 14.596 @ 94.780
James LeMarbe, Engine: SR20DE roller rocker, Turbos: Avenir W11 T25BB Tires: 195 width

1991 Audi V8 Quattro : 14.897 @ 91.530
lari Jemetsa,

1999 Infiniti G20 : 17.297 @ 81.090
Kenny walters, Engine: stock SR20DE, Tires: yokohama yk520

1984 Volkswagen Vanagon GL: 20.260 @ 62.490
Jess, Engine: 1.9L flat four,


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