Audi R8 UGR TT 20-180 mp/h (1000whp)

1260 BHP Audi R8 doing 24-184 mp/h Copyright: REMROB Watch in HD :-) 1000 WHP Audi R8 V10 TT UGR acceleration from 20-180 mp/h (30-300 km/h ) For more info :

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1600hp Audi R8 Takes Down 1800hp Lambos & 1400hp GT-R's!!!
1800hp capable Underground Racing 2R Audi R8 kill list: - 1800hp UGR Gallardo - 1400hp GT-R - 1800hp UGR Lambo - 1800hp UGR Superleggera - 1800hp UGR Superleggera 60-198MPH in ~1500-1700 feet - This car is a monster!!! | Audi TT độ Regula R8 style vs model bikini ở Sài Gòn
Ekip thực hiện buổi chụp hình bikini, model Nhung Xuxy với xe Audi TT lên bodykit Regula R8 style, hệ thống pô full-system RES, mâm Vossen, độ bởi Brian Quach. Xem chi tiết: a-brian-quach-18231.html Audi TT 2009 độ bodykit Regula Audi TT độ tại Việt Nam pô RES cho Audi TT mâm Vossen cho Audi TT --- ✔ Nhiều mẫu XE ĐỘ hấp dẫn tại: ✔ Please subscribe © Bản quyền thuộc về, Việt Nam © Copyright by ☞ Do not Reup

WORLDS FASTEST Audi R8 - 2100hp+ Twin Turbo!!!
A new 2100+hp king has stepped up the to podium! This beautiful Underground Racing Twin turbo Audi R8 takes the crown and reigns champion above all in the Texas Invitational Fall 2015 event. Facing tough competition, this car consistently ran over 200mph MULTIPLE times throughout the day, peaking out at a whopping 213mph! These speeds are insane when you compare them to previous event. The 2000+hp T1 Race GT-R was tough competition, but the R8 held him off. This car is extremely unsuspecting - sitting on R888 street tires, you would think this beast is stock unless someone told you! ------------------------------------- 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

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