GTO vs G8 GT High Speed Run!!!!!

2005 GTO (4 speed auto) vs 2008 G8 GT (6 speed auto) both car's have the same mods except the GTO has 4" magapack mufflers and the G8 has GXP mufflers. We did a 70 to 160 run. Trail car is an 06 Trailblazer SS with a Hero 2 GoPro.

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06 Corvette vs 06 GTO
Me racing my buddies Corvette. We raced before with him on bald 295's and me on grippy-ish 245's and it was about even, so we wanted to try again when we both had grippier tires on. The slo-mo stare down cracks me up every time.

LS3 Swapped GTO Humiliates Pontiac G8 | Big Block Monte Destroys SRT8 Jeep | All Night Dig Racing.
Awesome night in Mexico! Dig racing all night. Stupid fast LS3 Swapped GTO Spraying a "very modest" 250 shot lol. Bad ass big block Monte Carlo. Lots of burnouts, and hurt feelings.

2005 Pontiac GTO vs. Pontiac G8
95 degree day at Bristol, TN

Pontiac G8 GT vs Camaro ZL1
via YouTube Capture