03 26 11 Cars&Coffee

It's that time of the week again, its Cars & Coffee in Irvine, California. It started out as a somewhat soggy morning, but the Cali sun came shining right on through. Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine (949) 631-6376 Remember to "Click" and SUBSCRIBE.

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Spitfire Cylinder Head Thermal Cleaning
Watch as a Triumph Spitfire cylinder head is thermal cleaned at Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine. (949) 631-6376 Don't forget to "Click" and SUBSCRIBE

GM Starter Modification
What do you do when your starter is too far away from the ring gear? Machine it down about .100". The make shims for starters that are too close to the rings gear, but how when its too far. Simple solution. Don't forget to 'Click' and SUBSCRIBE!

Thermal Cycling the Toyota 2JZ Engine
Here is an operation that is rarely performed, thermal cycling an engine before it is fired up. I made a circulator with a propane tank, snap disc, magnetic pump, and several fittings and hoses. This was originally made to circulate ceramic seal thru block and heads after they have been repaired. By thermo cycling the engine a couple of time and retorquing the head after is cools down will save me the trouble of removing the cams to retorque the cylinder head - what a pain! Don't forget to 'Click' and SUBSCRIBE!

Here's a few pictures that I took at the 2010 Concorso Italiano. www.Engine-Machining.com Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine (949) 631-6376