450hp Turbo Volvo 240 tire smoking and drifting in Norway

RedSprint Racing in Norway with their 475hp Volvo 240 turbo smoking it's tyres and drifting. Video filmed by ekvpet!

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Husqvarna TE510 Motard Video Test
Filmed on gopro, edited and fucked by me lol Sorry the sound is shit I needed a codec but couldn't be bothered downloading one Sold the bike a few months ago now waiting for the new husky models to come out :)

CFD test LS1 Intake Manifold: runner number 2
Testing CFD analysis to investigate the velocity field inside the first runner of a LS1 intake manifold. Further validation will be conducted to confirm the k-omega turbulence model against experimental data. The final simulation will be used to study the effects that inertia has on the pressure distribution inside the manifold, particularly in forced induction applications.

Paddy Swamp Trail ride Husqvarna TE510
Trail ride down at Paddys Swamp with the Husqvarna TE510. Mid way I crash, the rear wheel hit some soft sand. Kinda really not sure what happened, was a bit dazzled :/ On the way home I lost my licens

Steep hill climbs at Anglesea Heath FJ60 landcruisers
Hills are a lot steeper than what they appear in the footage