race with A4 train

A spectacular race with 60009 Union of SA on the North Wales Coast line,Llandudno Jct to Colwyn Bay in Aug08. Note the chime whistle and glimpses of the fire in the cab.

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60009 on the move
A4 Union of South Africa runs alongside the M5 in Devon, faster than any steam train since 1965 not much short of the magic figure.This was a return journey of a steam railtour in Jan./Feb 1995 what a mind blowing experience WOW !!!

Steam Speed
The Great Steampunk Race! Only the best of the best race steam trains have reached the final. Red Arrow accept a challenge of Iron Shark. Black villain is ready to do everything just to get to the finish line first. But his opponent is brave and courageous. Steam up your engines, gentlemen! Stereoscopic ride film for 5D attraction. Великая Паровозная Гонка века! Только лучшие паровозные болиды дошли до финала. «Красная стрела» принял вызов «Железной акулы». Злодей готов на всё лишь бы добраться до финиша первым. Но его соперник смел и отважен. На старт, джентльмены! Ещё один стерео райд фильм нашего производства для 5d аттракционов. Делали 5 месяцев. http://dls.by http://facebook.com/dls.by JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: http://join.quizgroup.com/ .

Bittern at 90mph - High Speed Steam Train
As part of the 75th anniversary of Mallard's record breaking 126mph run in 1938, sister A4 4464 Bittern was temporarily permitted to exceed from 75mph to 90mph (144.84 km/h) on the mainline. This was to be a rare look at steam running at higher speeds since the 1960's, following recent high speed test runs. On June 29th Bittern hauled a London-York special "The Ebor Streak" which ran along the A4's native racing ground the East Coast Mainline. The A4 is first seen at Langford in Bedfordshire running like a Greyhound at 90mph! After a high octane pursuit on the A1 carriageway, the next location is what better place to see an LNER A4 would be Doncaster. Ending on a high note, the A4 whistles and echoes past Doncaster Works where she, Mallard, Flying Scotsman and all other LNER locos were built. With special thanks to Locomotive Services Ltd, DBS and Network Rail for this miracle run to happen. If you thought 75mph was fast enough, think again after seeing this! Seeing steam running at 90mph is a completely unmissable event and is worth the long distance and cost to film! These shots are now featured in the DVD documentary film "BITTERN: The Need for Speed" as part of the "MALLARD 75" celebrations. Which includes an in depth look at the preparations and build up to the main events in May/June to December, along with interviews with the crews & officals at this historic event in railway preservation history. See http://www.ovpsteam.co.uk/25.html for more details. © Ryan Skinner, GreatWesternMGM

Great Steam Train Race 2010
3526, 3265 and 3642 race their respective trains through Victoria St station en route to Maitland. The Great Steam Train Race is a feature of the annual Hunter Valley Steamfest. One of the kids watching the trains apparently didn't enjoy the experience!