Supercharged Dodge Viper

99 Viper GTS Built motor and supercharged.

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(HD) Dodge Viper GTS Heffner 650 - LOUD REVS, HARD ACCELERATION, great sound
Today was the event called 'Ferrari-Chat Herfstrit 2011', a supercar meeting with a total of 50+ exotics, including 39 Ferrari's. But this first video is not about a Ferrari, but about a American supercar. This Viper GTS has a 8.0L V10 engine that produces 600bhp and 950NM. If you concentrate on the details, you can see that the Viper has green brakes, and a green engine cover. Exhausts: Full B&B System w/high flow cats from Roe Racing. Please give your opinion about this sick sounding Dodge Viper GTS Heffner 650! 'LIKE' my page on Facebook: 696117233490 SUBCHANNEL: Thanks! Sjoerd © Swsthebest1994 CarChannel!

Dodge Viper twin turbo racing solutions 1500hp
Dodge Viper 1500hp twin turbo built by racing solutions, short video by

dodge viper gts nitrous ACRX Headers no cats idle
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Kelly and Gloria get the surprise of there Life for Christmas!!!
Kelly and Gloria both got new cars for Christmas. Both knew the other one was getting one, BUT had neither had a clue that they were getting one also. Kelly is all excited to see Gloria's reaction, and Gloria is thinking it's a trick to surprise Kelly. Watch Both there Faces as they discover 2 New Cars!!!