mustang vs. tacoma 8th mile drag race

ford Mustang vs. toyota tacoma in 8th mile drag race

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camaro goes 5.88 in 8th mile
Camaro runs a 5.88 in 8th mile

iPad mini 4 Toyota Tacoma Install
Soundman iPad kits, Shirts, Hats and Stickers Amazon List Mobile Solutions CA Glue In this episode of Amplified, Doug and Rafa work on two new dash mods. Doug experiments with using his iPad mini SIDE SLIDER kit to mount the new iPad mini 4 into the dash of a Toyota Tacoma. Rafa Shows off his iPad air Ford F150 panel. Follow ME! Twitter - Facebook - Youtube - Google+ - Rafa's Dashmods - Join the "SOUNDMAN Car Audio Community”! Thanks you for watching AMPLIFIED #246!!!

Tacomaworld & Pelfreybilt at Peacock Flats, Hawaii 2015: Full Version
Full length edit from our excursion with some of the crew at Tacomaworld & Pelfreybilt at Peacock Flats, Hawaii in September 2015.

santa barbara guerrero puras tacomas 4x4 en julio 2010
crusando elrrio