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Hinkel is the man! I don't own Band of Brothers but i own a DVD box whit Band of Brothers Copyright - HBO

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Stalingrad : Battle Outside The Factory (HQ)
Taken from the German movie Stalingrad (1993), this is the first battle of Witzland's Sturmpioniere troops after they arrived at Stalingrad. First they must occupy the factory building held by the Red Army, after that finish, they must clears the occupants inside. This is truly great battle on great movie, especially because I'm the fan of Thomas Kretschmann (starred as Leutnant Hans von Witzland)!

Band of Brothers- Battle for Carentan
Watch in HD!Say in comments if you want more vids like this.Enjoy.

Band of Brothers: Toye and Guarnere get hit
One of my favorite scenes from the Band of brothers mini series. I did not make this movie.

Band of Brothers- Battle for Carentan
The climatic battle for the town of Carentan in Band of Brothers episode 3 (Carentan). "3-Carentan" directed by Mikael Salomon