Twin Turbo Mustang InCar shows loose converter

Testing with a new powerglide and the converter is way to loose.

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Last Pass to get NHRA comp License 9.36@151 on 17's 15lbs of boost
Twin turbo 93 Mustang Cobra 15lbs of Boost runs 9.36@151 on 275.50.17 inch radials

Debunking The Loose Converter Drivabilty Concerns
My Chevelle, once the only car I owned, with this exact combination. Almost 4000 lbs, 3.55 gears, 28 inch tall tires, and a TCI 10 inch Street Fighter. Whoow!!!! That's not a drivable combination????!!!...BULLSHIT!!! Watch how easily the chevelle can pull out at a very controlled low rpm acceleration. No Sweat...

Turbo Mustang Converter Testing built turbo Mustang, Ed Thomas Performance Engines prepared 331, UCC converter.

Twin Turbo 93 Cobra in car 8.80@160 18lbs of boost.
Twin turbo 93 Cobra runs on E98 (98% ethanol), Couldn't make any more than 18lbs of Boost.