Twin Turbo Mustang InCar shows loose converter

Testing with a new powerglide and the converter is way to loose.

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88mm Turbo Supra at the Local Track 8.73@165
Big turbo Supra race car testing for the first time this year

E85 Powered CRX 11.82@122
Local CRX running during the Friday night street event at the track.

8 second twin turbo mustang
twin turbo Mustang running 5.50@132MPH in the 1/8 mile on the second run. Both runs the car got loose up top resulting in me lifting.

Last Pass to get NHRA comp License 9.36@151 on 17's 15lbs of boost
Twin turbo 93 Mustang Cobra 15lbs of Boost runs 9.36@151 on 275.50.17 inch radials