De Anza AutoCross 2007 Part 2 A Mix of Everyone

De Anza Auto Cross May 2007! Winner was Ralph S! This was filmed by me with my handy dandy digital camera! Enjoy! Youtube made me change the music on this one too, I hope you still enjoy it.

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How to Autocross Faster - Ep 2 - Perfecting The Slalom
Autocrosser Jeremy Ault talks about and provides tips on how to slalom on an autocross course in the shortest time. Other topics include the slalom formula and backsiding the cones. LIKE us at You should not take anything from this video as being advice. That said, if you make the same mistakes we do or are new to autocross, maybe you may also find this video helpful.

Rally Autocross buggy crash compilation
Rally Autocross buggy and car crash compilation. Подборка аварий багги и кузовов Европейских, Украинских и Молдавских чемпионатов. Крыши(перевороты), столкновения и т.д.

Rock On Little Fishies! Rock On!
Music video of a 90 gallon salt and 40 gallon temp seahorse home. Youtube made me change the music. It used to be Traveling Riverside Blues by Zeppelin. In the beginning of the video the guys are saying "Zeppelin Rules" video is way different now with different music but still somewhat enjoyable.

Ten Years Gone 1996 Live During Rehearsal!
Rehersal of one of my favorites! Enjoy this behind the scenes peeks! Page and Plant 1996.