Liberty / Legacy GT cold air intake

Inside cabin video of the car turbo spooling and the OEM blow off. All car has so far is some cheap mufflers and a pod filter.

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🚗 2006 Subaru Legacy GT K&N air filter blow off valve
Are you thinking about installing a cannon air filter cold air intake in your 2006 Subaru Legacy GT? Well, the answer will really depend on what you want out of your car. If you are a more of an adult type person then you might not want a loud turbo and cold air intake really loud inside your car. You might enjoy a quiet ride. In that case you should not get a cannon air filter. If you are more of the adventurous type, like a majority of the people who bought WRX's when they were in 16 and now they're 23 and they want a classier car but they still want the fun playfulness and powerful engine of the WRX, the best possible option is the Subaru Legacy GT. I believe the 2006 was the best year. If you put a cannon air filter on it you will have an increase in torque and get better gas mileage. You will also make your turbo last longer because it is staying cool while the engine is hot driving up the canyon. Personally, my Subaru Legacy GT has a cold air intake, as you saw and I would not trade it for the stock Subaru air filter. I'm tired waiting him and this is my youtube channel. I blog about anything and everything so subscribe follow and like my channel

Short Ram vs Cold Air Intake Kits: Which to Choose? Presented by Andy's Auto Sport 1 (800) 419-1152 Andy's Auto Sport presents a video about the differences between short ram air intakes and cold air intakes, with examples of each for easy reference. Air intake kits offer performance by replacing the restrictive factory air box in your vehicle with free-flowing components. From stock replacement parts to high-performance aftermarket accessories, Andy's Auto Sport has what you need to get the looks and power your vehicle deserves. Source: Please feel free to rank our video, share it, or embed it!

400hp Legacy GT Spec B // Gears and Gasoline
Everyone has a dream car; an end-goal for their project. And we often get to drive some of those builds, as their owners work painstakingly to bring them to fruition. But very rarely do we have the chance to see a build which has been... completed. Totally realized in the mind of the owner. Chuck has spent years dialing his Subaru Legacy Spec B in to the specific requirements he had for it when he began building it. And the result is a polished, well-rounded car which feels unique in every regard. Cadence Kid- Hold on Me Liquid Memoirs- Enigma Nomyn- Daydreamer

Subaru Legacy GT Turbo and Intake noises...
2005 Legacy GT Limited VF48@17psi AEM Cold Air Intake ARC NS Super BOV with Recirculate Hero3 with Movo GM100 Just a short freeway entrance run to 60mph through all 6 gears, enjoy the turbo sounds...