Liberty / Legacy GT cold air intake

Inside cabin video of the car turbo spooling and the OEM blow off. All car has so far is some cheap mufflers and a pod filter.

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Liberty / Legacy GT cold air intake part 2
Part 2 of a Subaru liberty with nothing but a pod filter, sound of turbo spooling.

Legacy GT Custom Intake
Check out JC's custom intake for his Legacy GT! And don't forget to like and subscribe!

400HP Legacy GT 2.5 SPECB Review!- The Sleeper STI!
For this video, we hop in the "more advanced" version of the Subaru Legacy GT SpecB. Huge thanks to Ed for letting me drive his car! Stay awesome. Subscribe to my channel!: Social stuff, Tshirts, and more below! My Social Stuff! Instagram/Twitter-Thatdudeinblue Like the Facebook!- Decals and Stickers!- T-Shirts!- Twitch!- Get some delicious JerkyXP powers here! COUPON CODE- Thatdudeinblue Outro Song- Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence (Matstubs Remix)

Cobb SF Intake Installation and Review Subaru Legacy GT
Here I'm installing a Cobb SF Intake with the airbox add-on to my 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Limited Wagon. This is a step by step run through of what to expect during installation and then a quick first impression review of the SF intake. I went from a stock system to a K&N panel filter and then a K&N typhoon. I decided to sell the typhoon because people say it's bad for the car. I never personally saw any effects or lean A/F ratios but I decided to be safe. After that I went back to the K&N panel filter before installing the Cobb. I found no power difference from stock to K&N panel. I found a moderate power Boost from K&N panel to typhoon. I found a power drop going back to the K&N panel. So far I can't say I've really found much of a power gain going from K&N panel to Cobb SF****** (see below). There is maybe? a small power Boost and maybe earlier turbo spool but not really significant. I might just need to spend some more time with it but so far I'm not convinced. It will be staying on my car but I don't know that I would buy it again* ******After running this intake for about 3 weeks now I think the ECU has done it's magic it seems to me my turbo is spooling much faster and I'm enjoying the sound. I do feel more throttle response and I'm quite enjoying the intake. I change my verdict to "recommend" :)