Best Motoring - Honda CR-Z vs AE86 Levin vs Mazda Miata

"New Honda CR-Z 5 Lap Battle"

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Spoon CR-Z VS Sh*t Civic Type-R Euro
This is how an Ecologic car makes sh*t on a ''Racing'' Car. Hopeless...

CR-Z FULL TUNE PROJECT・250km/hオーバーの世界【Vol.5】
ハイブリッドスポーツCR-Zで最高速250km/hオーバーに挑戦! ! Vol.05はいよいよ最高速アタック本番。果たして何km/hを 録したのか!? さらに詳しい情報はHKSのホームページで! I challenge highest speed 250km/h over in hybrid sports CR-Z! Vol.05 is finally a highest speed attack public performance. Did you record severalkm/h as expected?

BM 2011-03 - Honda CR-Z Battle
Modulo Civic Type R - Camara Car

Best MOTORing - Video SPL [Keiichi AE86 Super Technique] PT.2
Best MOTORing Vol.41 & 42, which focuses on aftermarket AE86 scene, has always been my favorite volumes in the entire series ever since I've seen a couple small parts and clips on YouTube before they decided to go haywire with copyright claims.. I'm very happy that BM had re-released this for DVD in 2005. Enjoy in excellent DVD quality and 16:9 aspect ratio.