Forza 3 Drag Racing Datsun 510 8.9 Sec 1/4

My Datsun 510 running 8.9 sec in 1/4 mile. Car's are for SALE fastest car's on forza 3 !

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FORZA'S FASTEST MAN!!! (Forza Olympics Presented By @ElgatoGaming)
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Forza 4: Stanced S2000 w/ 43,000HP!!!
Thanks to impossible for the modded disk!

Forza 3 Drag Racing: Turbo Mustang Vs. Trash Talker Camaro
If you want to get in on the action, send a friend request to MoDeRNxSoCiEtY. Be sure to include a message about the car you will be driving because if you don't, you WILL NOT be accepted. The details about your car should include NOTE: we DO NOT allow drive train conversions any longer. NO AWD Mustangs, NO RWD CRX'S. your car HAS to have the STOCK drive train or you will also NOT be accepted horsepower Class (B-S) Modifications list (NOT needed if fully built) Hope to get you on the Channel later later

Forza 3 Wheelie Dashcam
Forza 3 wheelie from dig viewed from the dashcam.