Kjula Race 2002 - Camaro, Volvo V8, LeMans m.fl.

Eskilstuna back in the days!

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Volvo B36 V8
Started for the first time in over 30 years! Volvo did only do V8´s one time in history for the small-trucks called Volvo L420 also knowns as "Volvo snabbe". They manufactured 25000 of this kind but not so many are still alive. This V8 is from somewhere beetween 56-66 and has 120 hoursepowers.

3x BMW TURBO Overload Burnout Drift Donuts - Eskilstuna Sweden
E21 323 1982 S50B32 1135 hk / 1195 Nm E30 325 1988 m50b25 ~450hk E36 325 1991 m50b28 760 hk / 954 Nm Music: Cazzette feat. The High - Sleepless (Club Edit)

Volvo 740 V8
Bilsport kollar in galne Gunnars Volvo 740 med V8... For more images see our gallery at http://www.bilsport.se/news.php?id=80893

My old V8 Volvo
My first test run with a V8 volvo that i built some years ago.