Bullet Bike Chase

Look at this fool actually get caught on his bike by none other than Utah's finest... For the record... THis chase had been going on for about 50 miles, over state lines, and finally after speeds of 180mph for 20 plus mins, the engine light came on. Only for safety reasons did he pull over. Think about it: Engine seize at 180 mph.. dead.

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http://NewsBall.com & http://DollarScholar.com 2 OTHER CRAZY CHASES BELOW. This motorcyclist got in a high speed chase with police today, 6/5/13 at speeds of 90+ MPH. He started knocking off the mirrors from 3 cars he passes, breaking his hand/wrist/forearm & suddenly realized he was in immense pain. He tore off his gloves, then seems to go in & out of consciousness & lowers his head as he appeared to be crying (yes even with his helmet on), no longer looking where he is going, while steering with one hand due to the broken hand/wrist/forearm, swerving & jerking the motorcycle in sudden brake-like motions - ALL AT HIGH SPEEDS!!!! Never felt so anxious & "scared" for an ending. As emotionally invested in the suspect & a chase as could be - given the circumstances. You could see his pain, you could see his torment, you could see his dilemma - yet he fought through extreme pain to fight on & refused to give up & continue flying down the highway with 1 hand steering the way! No other ending, but crashing, eating pavement to a bloody red asphalt ending seemed possible! Never felt that way about a chase before. Truly thought we were moments away from witnessing a bloody death. Usually I root for a getaway, but his pain was so obvious I just wanted him to pull over & give up! Here is the ending! 2 other great chases: Guy breaks through 10 cops on foot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYXQCkrBm-s Real life GTA - Man carjacks multiple cars, crashes, runs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ig0eODwFIpY

Motorcycle Police Chase Fort Worth, TX

Police Chase | Cops vs Bikers | Police Pullovers | Road Rage Ep. 21
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