Brian Canterbury Spinning, flipping and drifting the Ford Capri.

Brian Canterbury spinning drifting and flipping the Ford Capri at Urban Festival.

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Ford Capri Drifting
Capri doing burnouts drifting and lots more

800m Top end drags at Saldahna Drags - November 2015
And just like that, it’s all over. Months of planning, preparation, blood sweat and tears over in one spectacular display of tyre smoke and screaming fans. It is safe to say that based on all of the positive feedback via social media that Saldanha Drags was well received. That is hugely due to the support we receive from our sponsors and loyal fans. Thank you Monster Enery, Speed and Sound, Cpi Tuning, Dynotech, SRD, Pertamina and RaceSA for all for your on-going support. - See more at: ash.9ijO6RHI.dpuf

Ford Capri Driftcar V8 Turbo. (First test drive after engine swap)
Driver Emil Boogh Misfire a whole lot but that problem is fixed now. Boost is 0.3bar ~500hp turbo is made for 1000hp ;)

Saldanha Drags 2016 - Official Video
Once again the quiet little fishing village of Saldanha was, for one weekend only, transformed into a drag racer's paradise. For over 11 years West Coast Racing have been hosting the Saldanha Drags 800m Top-end racing event on its usually quiet shores. This year was no different. The races started off with a bang as Garion Slamet from Team SRD took the very first run of the day and immediately went on to record a blistering speed of 309km/h. on his Suzuki Hayabusa. It did not take long for Jaleel Firfirey to match Garion’s speed on his Kawasaki H2. These two were in all out battle for the entire day. Eventually, both riders managed a top speed of 309.6 Km/h sharing the podium for fastest riders of the day at Saldanha Drags. King of Saldanha 2016 was Graeme Steyn, piloting the AMS Alpha 12 Nissan GTR to 319.5Km/h. As the sun slowly fell off the edge of the horizon the drivers all lined up for prize giving. Prize giving was held right on the race track. Drivers, riders and pit crew sat and stood on their own tire remnants on a runway, where just moments ago they had been racing on. They received the trophies and were given thanks for attending. This closed off an incredible day of racing and camaraderie and also closed the curtain on Saldanha Drags 2016. Music: Song 1: Johnnys Oddysey - Mac Demarco Song 2: G-Eazy - Endless Summer. Film/Edit: Thomas Sandell