Birmingham star city Meet 19th Sept 2010

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Hams Hall 5/6/2011 Police Chase
Police chase in Hams Hall. The driver did get away, the car was NOT registered to the driver. The car was dumped somewhere on the way to Coventry. The driver got away. Sound like a little girl in the video I know, but anyway, please watch and get really enraged at us "scum" "chavs" "skid marks on the pants of society" " tax wasters" and give us an offensive comment. Maybe it is'nt a praised video but even so its slightly humerous. Now watch the video, like/dislike and have a nice day! :D

birmingham street racing never star city 1/1/2012
This is a little video my mate took as he had never seen anything like this before!

Star City- Birmingham Fun Fair 2012 with Free Radio.wmv
Free Radio's Funfair at Star City in October 2012 just a quick video to show what rides are there.

Pineapple hawker scam woman in action in Vietnam
Pineapple hawker scam woman in Hanoi Vietnam. Have your photo taken and then pay big time!