Chris Rado PRO FWD


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Chris Rado PRO FWD Two Step Test
Chris Rado's WORLD Racing PRO FWD SCION tC testing the two step launch in the pits. NHRA POWERADE FALL NATIONALS Ennis, Texas

Chris Rado PRO FWD dyno
WORLD Racing PRO FWD SCION tC on the Dyno BORG WARNER S510 95mm

FIRE: Chris Rado grenades his 1,200 horsepower Scion tC at Global Time Attack
Chris Rado pushes his 1,200 horsepower front-wheel drive Scion tC to the absolute limits during the Global Time Attack season opener at Buttonwillow Raceway Park in Buttonwillow, California. Coming around one of the final turns of his hot lap a cam sensor failed then caused the vanos to be fully advanced which more than likely tagged, then dropped a valve. Another key factor is that due to excessive g's in the corners oil pressure dropped enough to score a bearing which eventually put a rod through the block igniting the fire and burning a portion of the engine bay and electronic components. The onboard fire suppression system failed when Chris Rado pulled the pin so he doused the fire with backup fire extinguisher. Thankfully Chris walked away unharmed. Special Thanks to Replay XD for the amazing Replay XD1080 cameras used to capture this footage. To purchase a Replay XD1080 HD camera of your own please visit our website: and click on Replay XD now! When commenting on the front wing... just remember two things. It's fully functional and there are over 20 track records in North America to prove it. Go Fast or Go Home...

WORLD Racing 2012 Webisode #6: PUSHING IT IN PALM BEACH
After a nearly three year hiatus, Chris Rado and WORLD Racing returned to the Sunshine State June 1-2, 2012 for round 3 of Global Time Attack at Palm Beach International Raceway. Weather would play a factor, but in the end the team came out on top with Chris securing his third first place win of the season in unlimited GT FF and setting a new FWD track record in his Need for Speed Scion tC. The crew had their work cut out for them all weekend, fighting power steering issues in the Fwing 2.0 but worked diligently to find a solution and bring home the win.