Chris Rado PRO FWD


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Chris Rado PRO FWD Two Step Test
Chris Rado's WORLD Racing PRO FWD SCION tC testing the two step launch in the pits. NHRA POWERADE FALL NATIONALS Ennis, Texas

Chris Rado 1200 HP Need For Speed Scion tC
Watch as Chris Rado and WORLD Racing Push The Limits. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

My conversations with the Mystic: Chris rado and Sadhguru- Part 2/2 "Life at Full Throttle" - Jan 30, 2011 (5pm - 6:30pm PST), LA, California. The third web streaming event in the series, "My conversations with the Mystic", happened in LA with Championship racer and Motorsports Icon, Chris Rado and Profound Mystic and Visionary Humanitarian, Sadhguru Jaggi vasudev. This is the first part of the event, "Life at Full Throttle" where these two amazing individuals discuss about focus, concentration, inclusive consciousness, 2012. The morning of the event the two of them spent racing on the track... Sadhguru got to race Chris's them go Full Throttle !

Chris Rado Driving His Turbo 2011 Scion tC
We were cruising around with Chris Rado in his New 2011 turbo tC. This thing puts out 300+ horsepower to the wheels running only 8 pounds of Boost! Crazy!