Chevette Dragcar Wheelies 6.45 in the 1/8th

355 SBC powered Chevette with a 100shot of NOS.

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Chevette Wheel Stands at Skyview Drags & Esta Wait for it
Homegrown Chevette drag car with 355SBC 100 shot of Nitrous doing wheelies to music

WatkinsversesRandall2 n
Rick Watkins & Carl Randall running for the #1 spot in 607 Outlaws 19Aug 16 BBC verses SBC both on N2O

WHEELIE Camaro @ Street Car Takeover OKC!
Take a ride along in a Camaro at SCT OKC's Drag Race day as it effortlessly pulls the wheels for the first 100 feet of the track. Very simple setup, very fun results. Not sure if I'd enjoy the giant wheelie or winning the race more, but he had to choose one at this race!

Chevette On Board Cam Skyview Drags 5 91sec
In car camera view of a 5.91 second run in the 1/8th mile in Carl Randall's Chevette at skyview drags NY Powered my a 406 SBC on N20