Challenger SRT8 vs Camaro SS

Stock srt8 vs Stock ss

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'12 Charger SRT8 vs '10 Camaro SS
Playing races with a friend. My Charger is 6.4L(stock) and his Camaro is 6.2L(tuned) Fist a 30 roll the a 60 roll Filmed with a GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition Hope you enjoy the video

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Challenger SRT8 vs. Camaro SS
My 2010 Challenger SRT8 vs. A newer Camaro SS...both on drag radials. Ran 12.9.

Challenger SRT8 vs Camaro SS 5th Gen
Meant to post this a few days ago. But while I was in Mexico, a few friends of mine were out and about and I ended up running into them as I was getting on the highway. The passenger I believe is the owner of the SRT8 but was letting our other friend Kyle try it out. Unfortunately since this was all unplanned, I had my camera mounted in a bad spot. So I don't think you ever even see the challenger.....but it was there I promise hahah SRT8 is stock to my knowledge 2014 Camaro ss (camera car) Has TSP LT's (open) with a K&N CAI and a slight tune using my Diablo Sport intune Check out some hide away plates in either of the links below I just installed mine a few days back. Video coming soon