Waste Resources Amrep ASL

Here is a truck that is scary slow even when he gets it way up in revs. But still leaves the hopper fast enough to flip lids! Well enjoy. I would have gotten more if I was able to. After a short bit, he turned the corner and was never to be found again. oh well. And before you ask.....no we didnt find the STS asl. Or even Pendpac that i hear rumors of them owning.

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the start of bottle madness
remember the gap in cans in the 1 of 2 vid? its down here at my house along with 2 OTHER neighbors' cans. again, bottles galore!! fyi this is at my house

Waste Resources STS ASL with a Peterbilt 310!
On my way home from the GF's house I spotted this truck in the neighborhood, quite to my surprise. First off, I didn't know that WR had ASL's, secondly, I didn't know that they did residential routes. Apparently they have only had residential routes for about a year, and I haven't really been to Gardena for truck hunting for over a year, so that makes sense. Plus the driver told me that this isn't the only STS ASL they have, which of course makes me motivated to look harder. I also stumbled upon their yard on accident, and saw a Condor/STS ASL of the newer variety, an Autocar Pendpac, and a handful of Amrep ASL's, Amrep ASL's shocking I know, but they were there. Anyway, I'll add this yard to my hit list for the future. However in the meantime, enjoy my bounty for the moment.

My Brand New Amrep Hardox ASL
Today I had a day off from work, and got to watch the one week anniversary of this new Autocar ACX / Amrep Hardox ASL. I talked to the driver for a little bit and he told me that he just got the truck, and was breaking it in.

1996 Ex-ESD Peterbilt 320 Amrep ASL Packing Hard
If you enjoy oldschool automation, you'll enjoy this video. Packing on the go, foot to floor in neutral while coasting up to carts has to be one of my favorite things to see, and there's certainly no shortage of it here. Desmond, Alex and I were in search of what I'm confident is a fromer city of San Diego Amrep that is still bumpin' around the routes the Victorville yard services. Luck being on our side, we found it pretty quickly too. It was closing in on the end of his first load while we were filming, and that being paired with what Id assume is a slower than normal packer were two factors leading up to a very entertaining operating style by this driver. Some interesting things about this truck include it being the first year that Amrep built the second generation arm and no longer made the "rail arm" following the patent lawsuit against them by Sunbelt, as well as this being the first year Peterbilt made the roomier, more boxy cabbed design we all recognize as the 320. A big thanks goes out to the driver. Thanks for watching and hopefully you all enjoy it as much as I do