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Waste Resources Amrep ASL

Here is a truck that is scary slow even when he gets it way up in revs. But still leaves the hopper fast enough to flip lids! Well enjoy. I would have gotten more if I was able to. After a short bit, he turned the corner and was never to be found again. oh well. And before you ask.....no we didnt find the STS asl. Or even Pendpac that i hear rumors of them owning.


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Dempster Recycle One on Commercial Recycling
First off, we have a Dempster Recycle One on a Volvo WXLL chassis emptying commercial recycling bins at Park Middle School and Kennewick High School. Then there's a Dempster Recycle One on a WhiteGMC WXLL chassis dumping curbside recyclables at the recycle center, and the Volvo WXLL Dempster Recycle One dumps off the commercial recycling at the recycle center! Enjoy!

Garbage Trucks Parramatta Sydney New Years Day
William and the week old baby Aria enjying the New Years Day Garbage Collection Our buddies collecting rubbish on New Years Day. Thanks guys. Hope you didn't have to deal with any nasty hangovers. Have a great New Year!

NASA STS FL doin' Recycle
Here is an Adventures With Sean series. We unexpectidly found this STS right when we got off the subway in LA. Both drivers were EXTREMELY cool. Its a very well kept truck with a nice metallic siver paint scheme. Thanks a bunch to both of the operaters for being so cool with our filming. We plan to go back some time in the future. Maybe we will see a different truck but I hope its the same drivers!

First Gear Wittke Front-Loader Garbage Truck with Custom Accessories
Here's a video of the 1:34 scale die-cast metal Wittke Superduty front-load garbage truck on a Mack MR chassis, made by First Gear. Shown in this video are some custom accessories I've hand-built to go along with this superb functional model. First up is a custom carry-can I built to ride on the forks, enabling this truck to perform residential garbage collection duties. After that, you'll see some of the custom scale-model dumpsters I've built to go along with the truck. I also show the First Gear dumpster that comes included with the truck as reference. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this little video, I've put a lot of time and hard work into my custom waste industry models! Any questions, feel free to ask! Thanks!

Hawaii Garbage Trucks Episode 1
A few of the garbage trucks found in Hawaii - Honolulu Metro region.

Parramatta City Pt 1 (Garbage Collection)
Parramatta begun their contract with Cleanaway in 2007 after snatching it up from WSN. Over there they have the 3-bin-system and a series of bulk waste pick-ups each year, which is taken care of by a fleet of mainly new trucks. The first truck I came across when I was in Parramatta was this refurbished Sidepak, which was collecting the garbage during the late morning of that Friday. The stumpy/shorter bins you will see reflect the newer version of a 140L and the tall ones reflect the old version. I hope you enjoy the footage, please rate and comment. Also be sure to take a look at the green-waste and recycling videos. Body Make: Compaction Systems (now Superior Pak) Model: 22m Sidepak Chassis: International Acco Council: Parramatta City Contractor: Cleanaway (Transpacific Industries) Collection Type: Garbage / Trash

Johnston Sweepers VT650 Truck Mounted Street Sweeper
A high performance road cleansing sweeper with channel brush, suction nozzle and wide-sweep brush. A dual sweep option is available and a swept width of 3600mm increases productivity. Great environmental features - a water recirculation option, independently operated from the cab. This systems conserves water and reduces dust emissions with longer on station time. Noise sources are soundproofed and the Johnston VT650 has achieved full PM10 test compliance for vehicle emissions.

Big Recycle Collection 6-21-11
Tuesday morning, an Amrep ASL collecting recycling from an elementary school.

Waste Resources STS ASL with a Peterbilt 310!
On my way home from the GF's house I spotted this truck in the neighborhood, quite to my surprise. First off, I didn't know that WR had ASL's, secondly, I didn't know that they did residential routes. Apparently they have only had residential routes for about a year, and I haven't really been to Gardena for truck hunting for over a year, so that makes sense. Plus the driver told me that this isn't the only STS ASL they have, which of course makes me motivated to look harder. I also stumbled upon their yard on accident, and saw a Condor/STS ASL of the newer variety, an Autocar Pendpac, and a handful of Amrep ASL's, Amrep ASL's shocking I know, but they were there. Anyway, I'll add this yard to my hit list for the future. However in the meantime, enjoy my bounty for the moment.

Garbage Day (2011) Part 1
Heres a compilation of just some of the footage from Jareds house over the summer! There could be 3 parts, all I know is about 3 weeks worth got deleted somehow seeing as I only missed 2 weeks, but dont have 5 weeks worth of footage! dang! Oh well. Still likely to be a 3 part series dues to the fact I'm only on part 1 and have a lot to go. Yes, we lost a few 'soldiers' this summer, one of which was a 1982 Zarn, but hey, we put them out nowing they might fall in. Not the drivers fault. Hes one of the nicest guys around so dont attack him for not getting it out. Its againt company policy for any driver to get in the hopper for any reason. Well, enjoy! I think this is the longest video I've uploaded so far.

San Jose's Unique Method of Green Waste Collection- Part 1
So I believe San Jose has been doing this ever since the WM contact ended and they went with NorCal in 2001. Then in 2007 they switched to Green Waste, but thankfully kept this system. So in San Jose residents have the option between making a pile, (I made the one at 8:30) or paying extra for a cart, which then is sometimes collected by an ASL, or the RL like in the video. So enjoy!

WM Waste Management - Garbage Trucks
Here is many of the Automated Side Load Garbage trucks I have filmed from Waste Management. Mostly from WM of CA & WM of NM. Thank you to all the drivers who made all these videos possible. Hope you all enjoy this video, there is many verious trucks in this videos some of which will have there own video down the road. So stay tuned for those. All of these trucks were quite fun to film. I suggest watching the whole video! Many different trucks. Comments are always welcome! Thank you, and enjoy! Operated by - Waste Management, Inc. Filmed in - Verious locations though out Californa & New Mexico © Solid Waste Entertainment Productions

City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation - Peterbilt - New Way RL on Greens
Here is a tiny video of what the back alleys of Los Angeles hold. These guys move quick and this was all I could get before they finished. Very friendly crew, big thanks goes to the workers! Filmed in the Venice area on a Tuesday morning

City of Ryde - Garbage & Greens
Here is the last Ryde video for this series which shows two of the ten MJ Recycle side loaders in action. One of the trucks is collecting the residential garbage, operated by the skilled and speedy driver from my first Ryde Garbage video, and the second truck is servicing a handful of green-waste bins just before finishing up for the day, also operated by a very fast and skilled driver - notice the large heavy-duty grabber on this truck? Also a little something of interest: when the contract started in 2005, Ryde and WSN decided to incorporate a special ManageMate computer system into the trucks. This allows WSN to monitor their truck positions and operations from their head office. Also special 'tags' were attached to the new garbage bins delivered for the new contract, which all had their own identification and were registered at specific addresses. These tags allow the trucks to record the net weight of the bin which would be charged to the specific house, and also lets the driver make quick and easy adjustments notes such as bin obstructed, not out, contaminated, etc. The tag reader is situated between the grabber and main arm connection which explains the fatter appearance. Hope you enjoy the footage in this video, please rate and comment. Also a giant thanks to these drivers, I hope they enjoy the footage along with you guys. Make sure you visit my other Ryde videos to see more truly awesome trucks... Body Make: MacDonald Johnston Model: 29m MkIV SPORT : Recycle Body Chassis: Iveco Acco Council: City of Ryde Contractor: WSN Environmental Solutions Collection Type: Garbage / Green-Waste


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