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Here is a truck that is scary slow even when he gets it way up in revs. But still leaves the hopper fast enough to flip lids! Well enjoy. I would have gotten more if I was able to. After a short bit, he turned the corner and was never to be found again. oh well. And before you ask.....no we didnt find the STS asl. Or even Pendpac that i hear rumors of them owning.


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Australian garbage truck in California!?! pt 1
This truck was amazing to follow! I had some spare time on a Wednesday afternoon back in January and came across #61 doing the trash with a new engine--without a doubt!! My driver told me some of EDI's trucks were getting new engines, but I didn't realize that meant the ASLs! Check this beauty out and see the difference in 61's engine sound!

Dempster Recycle One on Commercial Recycling
First off, we have a Dempster Recycle One on a Volvo WXLL chassis emptying commercial recycling bins at Park Middle School and Kennewick High School. Then there's a Dempster Recycle One on a WhiteGMC WXLL chassis dumping curbside recyclables at the recycle center, and the Volvo WXLL Dempster Recycle One dumps off the commercial recycling at the recycle center! Enjoy!

My Waste Management First Gear Trucks-Part 2
Part 2

Garbage Trucks Unloading - Part 3
Here is the third part to the series. I tried to mix it up so that there was a decent mix of truck types in the video, so hopefully all of you will enjoy it. As it stands, it looks like there will be 1 more part to this series after this. It will include a couple trucks unloading at other locations as well.

Gabriel And His Recycling Truck
All Gabriel wanted for Christmas was a recycling truck and guess what Santa brought him. Merry Christmas Gabriel! Filmed with an iPhone and edited with iMovie for IOS Truck is made by http://www.brudertoys.com The recycling truck is seen at this link http://www.bruder.de/en/germany/range/range-and-series/professional-series/ commercial-vehicles/?tx_sortiment_pi1%5Bartnr%5D=03560&tx_sortiment_pi1%5Ba ction%5D=details

First Gear Refuse Replicas
First Gear Refuse WM Garbage Tuck Replicas (Stop Motion) Side Loader. Front Loader. Roll-Off. Rear Loader. Music By: Bob Seger Song: Old Time Rock & Roll

Wittke Front Load Garbage Truck w/ Curotto Can - Garbage Collection
This was the last truck I filmed on this day, and certainly not the least entertaining by any means. Its a fairly typical Mack LE - Wittke, but with an older Curotto Can '1.5' as I call them. The thing that makes this one stick out from the crowd is that its operated in such an entertaining way. Firstly, its revved nicely which in these condos, makes for a very cool and loud sound. Another thing is how the driver purposely flips lids so that everyone knows where he has been. Its a very fun truck to watch and I'm very pleased with how the video turned out too. Thanks to Alex for showing me around and helping me find some of the more interesting trucks in the area. And thanks to the driver for being so friendly towards us. I hope you all enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed filming it (or more) :) Thanks for watching!

McNeilus Tag Axle Rear Loader
A McNeilus Tag Axle RL collecting bulk waste in Golden Gate, FL

Adventures With Shane: Heil DuraPack Half/Pack Front Loader Dumping at Clayton Ward Recycling Co.
Here is a Waste Management of Kennewick Heil DuraPack Half/Pack Front-Loader on a Volvo WX64 chassis dumping off a load of newspaper at Clayton Ward Recycling Co. in Kennewick, WA. The newspaper is from Newspaper Only dumpsters at recycling drop points all over Kennewick and Richland. They only get dumped about once a month or so, so this was a really rare catch here! Enjoy the footage!

First Gear Wittke Front-Loader Garbage Truck with Custom Accessories
Here's a video of the 1:34 scale die-cast metal Wittke Superduty front-load garbage truck on a Mack MR chassis, made by First Gear. Shown in this video are some custom accessories I've hand-built to go along with this superb functional model. First up is a custom carry-can I built to ride on the forks, enabling this truck to perform residential garbage collection duties. After that, you'll see some of the custom scale-model dumpsters I've built to go along with the truck. I also show the First Gear dumpster that comes included with the truck as reference. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this little video, I've put a lot of time and hard work into my custom waste industry models! Any questions, feel free to ask! Thanks!

City of L.A. Pete/Amrep ASL #558
Just the usual # 558 doin my greens on a cold Friday morning over X-Mas Break. Enjoy! Comment! Rate! Subscribe! Thanks!

Wittke / Mack LE / Curotto Can 2
Adventures with Jared and Chris (KFCOrBust)

Garbage Day (2011) Part 1
Heres a compilation of just some of the footage from Jareds house over the summer! There could be 3 parts, all I know is about 3 weeks worth got deleted somehow seeing as I only missed 2 weeks, but dont have 5 weeks worth of footage! dang! Oh well. Still likely to be a 3 part series dues to the fact I'm only on part 1 and have a lot to go. Yes, we lost a few 'soldiers' this summer, one of which was a 1982 Zarn, but hey, we put them out nowing they might fall in. Not the drivers fault. Hes one of the nicest guys around so dont attack him for not getting it out. Its againt company policy for any driver to get in the hopper for any reason. Well, enjoy! I think this is the longest video I've uploaded so far.

Johnston Sweepers VT650 Truck Mounted Street Sweeper
A high performance road cleansing sweeper with channel brush, suction nozzle and wide-sweep brush. A dual sweep option is available and a swept width of 3600mm increases productivity. Great environmental features - a water recirculation option, independently operated from the cab. This systems conserves water and reduces dust emissions with longer on station time. Noise sources are soundproofed and the Johnston VT650 has achieved full PM10 test compliance for vehicle emissions.

Allied Waste Services of Corvallis - McNeilus Autoreach - Garbage Collection
Out in the middle of nowhere in the greater Corvallis, OR area we found this truck nearly done with route. Though it may be a very typical truck, I still found it very fun to watch and film. Between the belted grippers, the particular fashion in which he operated it, the beautiful scenery and the little surprise at the end, it sort of makes this truck stand out from the crowd, at least in my eyes. :D This four minute video was all I was able to manage before he was finished with his days routes. Huge thanks goes to a super friendly driver (as are all drivers we've met in these parts) And I hope you all enjoy the video.

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