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Here is a truck that is scary slow even when he gets it way up in revs. But still leaves the hopper fast enough to flip lids! Well enjoy. I would have gotten more if I was able to. After a short bit, he turned the corner and was never to be found again. oh well. And before you ask.....no we didnt find the STS asl. Or even Pendpac that i hear rumors of them owning.

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the start of bottle madness
remember the gap in cans in the 1 of 2 vid? its down here at my house along with 2 OTHER neighbors' cans. again, bottles galore!! fyi this is at my house

Various Trucks - 1 Hour of Garbage Trucks In Action
Often times I'll try to film a truck and I'll only get a couple clips before losing the truck, or any number of things preventing me from getting a full video. In some cases I have extra clips left over after editing a video which I just don't really want to get rid of. So I've just decided to make *two* massive videos of all of those clips for anyone who really just doesn't have anything to do and wants to pass some time. I'll post the second part some time soon, and I'll likely start saving clips for a part 3 as I get them, though it'll take a long time as some of these clips in here are from as far back as 2013, when I first decided to do this.

City of L.A. Pete/Amrep ASL #558
Just the usual # 558 doin my greens on a cold Friday morning over X-Mas Break. Enjoy! Comment! Rate! Subscribe! Thanks!

My Brand New Amrep Hardox ASL
Today I had a day off from work, and got to watch the one week anniversary of this new Autocar ACX / Amrep Hardox ASL. I talked to the driver for a little bit and he told me that he just got the truck, and was breaking it in.