560 BHP Cavalier Turbo Dyno Run 2

EDS Motorsports 560 BHP Cavalier turbo Dyno Run. Tubular manifold, GT35 turbo, extensive headwork, custom Intercooler, Cams...the works! Regal Autsport www.regal-auto.co.uk continue to be the sole uk distributor for EDS products

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Nate's 04 Cavalier Turbo 352whp Dyno SQC Tuning
Custom turbo Kit Built motor 750cc HpTuners (tps based tuning) 15psi 352whp 287tq on 91 oct.

dyno cavalier turbo 468hp 2003 4 doors 100% sleeper
cavalier turbo 468hp 2003 écotec modifié par advance.efi garrett t3-t4

Cavalier turbo 2.4 0.3 bar

Cavalier turbo vs civic eg parte 2!
civic vs cavalier gana cavalier