560 BHP Cavalier Turbo Dyno Run 2

EDS Motorsports 560 BHP Cavalier turbo Dyno Run. Tubular manifold, GT35 turbo, extensive headwork, custom Intercooler, Cams...the works! Regal Autsport www.regal-auto.co.uk continue to be the sole uk distributor for EDS products

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Cavalier turbo dyno run
cav on the rollers at long last! 390/330 bhp/torque

600bhp twin turbo cavalier
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

2003 ECOTEC cavalier Hahn turbocharged dyno 26psi super 16g 330 hp 360 ft/lb
My 2003 ecotec cavalier. Hahn Racecraft super 16g with Portfueler at 26 psi. 330hp and 360 ft/lb torque. Wiseco pistons and rings, eagle rods, supertech valve train.via YouTube Capture

2.2 litre cobalt supercharged vs 2.2 litre cavalier turbo
My friends 2.2 litre chevy cobalt supercharged vs other friends 2.2 litre chevy cavalier with hahn turbo kit. Both cars were running a bit off and rich but still good races. Sorry i screwed up on the video, its actually a 2.2 litre cavalier