Flowmaster exhaust sounds AWESOME!!!

I never actually realized how awesome it sounded until I listened to the video.

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My 1989 Camaro reving. Flowmaster Exhaust
My 1989 Camaro reving. Old Exhaust setup, Flowmaster Exhaust.

Flowmaster vs. Magnaflow on a C3 Corvette
sound impressions at idle engine speed of two different mufflers mounted to a 454 72 Corvette. Just to make sure: The Flowmaster 42551 ist the one at the passenger side. The Magnaflow type 323416 is on the drivers side. Note: at 1500 rpm the sound pressure of the flowmaster is 6 dba louder. 92db vs 98 db !! Now ,after driving about 500 miles with the magnaflows I must say that the former flowmaster sound was much better because it was way deeper with much more rumble. ! But: the Magnaflows look like bone stock.

1992 Camaro RS L98 350 TPI Magnaflow 16829 Cat-Back Exhaust
Got bored so I figured I'd make a clip of my new Exhaust. The car is pretty much stock aside from the cat-back, meaning stock y-pipe, dual cats, and Exhaust manifolds. The Exhaust is a magnaflow 3" cat-back with a turbo style muffler. The car was running for about 20 minutes right before I made this video so this isn't a cold start.

1986 Chevy Truck Flowmaster Exhaust
Exhaust rev. 1986 Chevy Truck 305 with edelbrock carb and intake Small cam Dual 2 1/2" Flowmasters dumped before the rear axle with Flowtech Headers, still has cats on for emissions My Daily Driver, i have done all the bodywork after we had a hail storm. Lowered 3/5 with springs and a flip kit, roll pan, shaved mirrors and emblems and a new interior with cold A/C. 1986 Chevy Shortbed was a stepside now a Fleetside.