Karman Ghia - FLTT -VW AP 2.0 8v Turbo / Fueltech

Karman Ghia - FLTT -VW AP 2.0 8v turbo

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2500cc 1969 Karman Ghia turbo 360-400hp
check this out!

VW 2.0 8v ADY Twin Supercharged Eaton M45s MK1 first Public release
Music copyright to "Skrillex-First Of The Year First Twin Charged Eaton M45 VW MK1 Thanks to Nasen from Naskar performance for tuning CXracing for coolers. Real Street for JE pistons Sarel 8v performance for scat rods Mr turbo for silicone pipes turbo and Nos for ARP bolt kits Deatsch Werks for 650cc injectors Kyle from Cylinder Head Exchange for bottem end build & Headwork and bigger valve job and input. Thanks for everyone else I forgot. And my wife Benita for standing with me. Dyno tuning still in progress.