The HCM Special V12 We go for a ride in a Teague designed Marmon

In 1932 Howard C. Marmon tried to save is automobile company with this car. It wasn't enough. This car was part of the Schoenthaler collection when we took this ride. This car was designed by Walter Dorwin Teague. When the Schoenthalers brought this car to Pebble Beach they invited Mr. Teague. It was the first time he had seen the car in 70 years.

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1929 Packard 640 Custom 8 seen @ Oakbrook Father's Day Classic Car Show
The owner of this 1929 Packard 640 Custom 8, Carl Manofsky, explains the interesting history of this car.

It is called Automate 2015 - I call it the Robot Show We take a look at the future
Two years ago I was a tourist at this show, blown away by the machinery that I saw. This year a had a press pass and shot some video.

Classic Car Club of America GIR Fall Tour to Urbana Monticello & Seymour Illinois
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LaSalle II We go for a ride in the Bortz GM Motorama Car! Prt5 in Dec 2011 Hemmings Motor News
Yes, the LaSalle II Roadster hits the asphalt and we are in it. Bortz tinkered with automotive history. a classic ev conversion From the Bortz auto collection