Hot Wheels Ferrari's

All Mint Condition Ferrari's!

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Detailing Hot Wheels
I edited this "news" style package on detailing Hot Wheels. The person detailing is an old friend of mine who has detailed almost every scale of car from die-cast to models.

Hot Wheels Bandits Ep. 14: The Ferraris
The Hot Wheels Bandits go to "FerrariCon 2010", a Ferrari convention held annually in Hot Wheels City! Will they take the dozens of Italian horsepower? Who is the new member of the Hot Wheels Bandits? Inspired by the Ferrari garage scene in Gone In Sixty Seconds

Hot Wheels Lamborghini's, Ferrari's, police cars, military, and red lines.
This video was made for the request of a Youtube viewer, who wanted to see a close up of some of my collection. While I was at it I zoomed in on my prized Police and Military car collection (well part of it anyways).... hope you all enjoy!

Hot Wheels Small FERRARI collection
Hot Wheels Small FERRARI collection