BICYCLE vs MOTORCYCLE : biker cyclist kicks rider motorcycle!

Watch Video Bike Limousine: This bicyclist just hates motorcycle! :-D So, he kicks any motorcycles he encouters ! probably he is an environmentalist :-)

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Снижение скорости не убьет тебя/Motorcycle Accident
ПО ПОВОДУ ВАШЕЙ РЕКЛАМЫ НА МОЕМ КАНАЛЕ ПИСАТЬ СЮДА: или в соц.сетях Я Вконтакте: ___________________________________________________________________________ _________________________ НАША ГРУППА ВКОНТАКТЕ *************************************************************************** ********* Социальный мото ролик,направленный на соблюдение скоростного режима мотоциклистами. Берегите себя. оригинальное название: Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction 'TAC TV road safety commercial Про наш канал: Ремонт мотоциклов своими руками yamaha,honda,suzuki,kawasaki,урал,иж юпитер,ява. Тест драйв мотоциклов Переводы популярный видеороликов Популярные видео в сети на мототематику (мотоаварии,moto crash,fail,humor) Обзоры мотоэкипировки Ну и много всего интересного планируется. Канал постоянно обновляется!

RIDER THIEF robbed FEMALE UFC MMA FiGHTER & Got what he deserves !
This rider thief tried to rob this girl, Bad day for him. He rob what looks like steaven segal's ufc mma trained daughter :-) music: Good Starts - Jingle Punks Half Pipe by Huma-Huma

biker vs car driver - who do You believe?
I came along this situation today and stopped to help out the biker to lift his machine. As the situation went on two sides of the story unfolded. Based on what you see - whose story makes sense? --------------------------------- My blog: My Tweets: My FB Page: POV pics: ---------------------------------

This is what bike race should be. It takes discipline and skills to balance the bike :-D