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Magnaflow dual exhaust 2003 toyota rav4 (2)

My 2003 Toyota rav4 with a Single-in dual-out catback. sounds good :) will post another video after my headers come in


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2003 Toyota Rav4 acceleration
My rav after a magnaflow catback

1999 "Cold-Air-Induction" Rav-4 getting 2-1/2-ich Exhaust System installed at Meineke! 7-11-2013
Self-Explanatory Video. UPDATES TO FOLLOW.

2005 Toyota RAV4 - Modified
2005 Toyota RAV4 2.4l VVTI engine with SRI and Magnaflow DTM Exhaust.

Toyota FT-1 being unloaded at Irvine Cars & Coffee
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Rav4 magnaflow
2007 Toyota Rav4, i4. Magnaflow, no resonator

2010 Toyota Rav4 Exhaust
Check out my new Exhaust. Stock Rav4 tips. Stock Silverado truck muffler. I tried Magnaflow mufflers and they were too loud and droned.

Toyota RAV 4 Performance Exhaust system (Two pipes)
Two Exhaust pipes with sound modifier, 21" chrome alloys, HID LED lights Rate comment subscribe thanks

little race

1999 Toyota Rav-4 High Performance UPGRADES Part# 7!!! 12-28-2011
This video's purpose is to show my plans of installing the K&N cold air intake system. The very 1st thing I need to do is remove the windshield-washer fluid canister, then the top section of the factory "air-filter box." The 1999 Toyota Rav-4's factory design of it's air intake "opening/scoop" actually allows "cooler" air to the air filter box! This surprises me, as I felt the opening for the intake funnel was positioned at least 4-inches into the engine's bay. My plans are basically to modify the factory air intake tube (mounted bottom/outside of Rav-4 to factory air-filter-box) to accept the "flex-pipe" K&N supplies, and route it outside the Rav-4, and install/clamp on the "air scoop" supplied by K&N. The factory "ribbed-rubber" air intake tube leading from the air filter box to the 2.0-liter's throttle-body, will be trashed and replaced by a "larger diameter" custom aluminum upper-intake plenum with ports for the sensor and crankcase ventilation filter as well. This "simple" modification to a 1999 Rav-4 will produce around a "10" horsepower-gain. The Rav-4's factory Exhaust will also be trashed from cat-convertor leading off the factory "1-1/2-inched Round Exhaust Headers" all the way back in favor of a "custom" 2-1/4-inched free-flowing Exhaust ending with a Borla Muffler. This Exhaust upgrade accompanied by the "true" Cold-Air-Induction System, may net at least an additional "20-horsepower." In closing, I stated in the video that I've been "lazy" ... truth is ... SCIATICA has been "kicking my ass!" My left leg feels like they're pulling veins, tendons, bone, muscle, and my nerves out of my leg. The Meds prescribed do nothing. SO-FAR-SO-GOOD. Updates will follow. "HAPPY-NEW-YEAR 2012!!!"

RAV4 TURBO GR 400+ps

MagnaFlow Exhaust V6 RAV4 2008
V6 RAV4 2008, Exhaust, Sound

Rav4 Awesomeness
A custom video made just for Ian and Lindsay of our 2007 Rav4 Limited 4WD.

2001 Toyota RAV4 Start Up and Review 2.0 L 4-Cylinder
Like Us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camerons-Car-Reviews/349462695066112?ref=hl Camerons Car Reviews Rating: 4/5 Start Up and Review of the 2001 Toyota RAV4 Powertrains: 2.0 L 4-Cylinder with 5-Speed Manual or 4-Speed Automatic FWD or AWD Features: Cloth Seats, Manual Driver Seat Adjustments, Power Windows, Mirrors, and Door Locks, AM/FM/CD Stereo System, Power Outlet(s), Cruise Control, A/C Engine & Performance BASE ENGINE SIZE 2.0 L CAM TYPE Double overhead cam (DOHC) CYLINDERS Inline 4 VALVES 16 TORQUE 142 ft-lbs. @ 4000 rpm horsepower 148 hp @ 6000 rpm TURNING CIRCLE 35.4 ft. Weights and Capacities MAXIMUM TOWING CAPACITY** 1500 lbs. MAXIMUM PAYLOAD** 1235 lbs. GROSS WEIGHT 3946 lbs. CURB WEIGHT 2711 lbs. ANGLE OF APPROACH 27 degrees ANGLE OF DEPARTURE 28 degrees CARGO CAPACITY, ALL SEATS IN PLACE 29.2 cu.ft. MAXIMUM CARGO CAPACITY 68.3 cu.ft. Fuel ENGINE TYPE Gas FUEL TYPE Regular unleaded FUEL TANK CAPACITY 14.7 gal. RANGE IN MILES (CTY/HWY) 308.7/382.2 mi. EPA MILEAGE EST. (CTY/HWY) 21/26 mpg Competitors: Ford Escape, Kia Sportage, Honda CR-V What I have to say about the 2001 Toyota RAV4: For 2001 the RAV4 grows in size and features new edgy styling. The RAV4 was the first SUV to pretty much spark the car based SUV market, then it's main arch rival the Honda CR-V came one year later after the RAV4 debuted and then it became a war between the 2 Japanese brands. The Honda CR-V will offer more room, but the RAV4 is more of a cute-ute then the CR-V. Many features are available on the RAV4 and we do recommend the RAV4 over the CR-V for this year. All in all very great car from Toyota, just needs a little more power under the hood.

1996 Toyota Rav4 exhaust
Just thought ide fuck around with my car, took off the muffler and this is how it sounds,

GTA Car Kits - Toyota Rav4 2001-2005 install of iPhone, Ipod, AUX and MP3 adapter for factory stereo
http://www.gtacarkits.com/toyota_rav4_2003_2005_car_kit.php - installation instruction for iPhone, iPod, AUX, mp3 adapter into factory stereo of Toyota Rav4 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 model years. After installing the car kit you would be able to listen to your music player or iPhone through your factory stereo speakers and control your music through controls on the factory radio.

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