Ferrari 360 Spider sprinting away @ Switserland [Autogespot - Carspotting]

During my vacation in Switzerland in 2006, we parked briefly at a small restaurant, where this beautiful Ferrari 360 Spider was just leaving the carpark. For pictures:

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Ferrari 360 Spider F1
Ride in Ferrari 360 Spider F1 (Buchlovske Hory)

Ferrari 360 Spider F1 Driving Scenes!! 1080p HD
Last week I recorded a very nice Ferrari 360 Spider F1 with the top down. The sound from the Exhaust is great, even on low speed. The owner visited a Golf GTI/R32/R meeting. It's such a stunning car. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy it. Tell me which one you would choose: the 360 Modena or the Spider! Follow me: 1st Channel: 2nd Channel: 3rd Channel: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: Thanks you for watching my videos. All feedback on my videos are appreciated! Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel. More videos coming up! - Hans

Ferrari 360 spider F1 promotional video
Ferrari 360 spider F1 promotional video

Ferrari 360 drifting ride-along. Supercar Sound Festival at Ebisu Circuit.
Alexi visits the 2015 Supercar Sound Festival at Ebisu Circuit and goes for a drift ride in the Arios Ferrari 360 Modena. Website: Instagram: Facebook: