X275 @ Great Lakes Dragaway - 6/19/11

MDRA brings X275, the 1/8mi heads up drag radial class, to Union Grove Wisconsin's Great Lakes Dragaway. This was the first of many drag radial races to be held here and put on by MDRA.

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Nostalgia Super Stocks at Greatlakes Dragaway
See these guys and more on the Time Machine Nationals DVD available at www.ars-tv.com

Great Lakes Dragaway - 1975
"Broadway Bob himself, what a character. Pajamas and batman sunglasses! Met him once, thanked him for keeping the track up and running, and mentioned I'd been coming up since highschool in the early 60's. He looked at me and said "c'mon". We sat down outside the Torque Alley Tap and for the next hour he bought me - a total stranger - beers while we reminisced about the days gone past. A very good memory." - Bruce

Great Lakes Dragaway Crash (1080p)
Today was import wars at great lakes dragway, i was spectating the event, the driver was having troubles starting the car before i started the video. I have no relations with the driver of the event i was just spectating and recording the video. Sorry for all of the people in the way of the video, this was the best i could of done. Enjoy! Another video from today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiJOGSQUkCA&feature=plcp

ChiTown "KOTS" 2015 Great Lakes Dragway Union Grove, WI. # 1
ChiTown "KOTS" King Of The Streets went down at Great Lakes Dragway in Union Grove, Wisconsin were the baddest, fastest, quickest, most powerful cars compete in an all out war. Check out the action..... "Like" our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MidwestOutlawDragRacing